10 Facts about Bolsover Castle

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Let me show you Facts about Bolsover Castle in the following post below. The Peverer family established this castle in 12th century. The location of Bolsover Castle is Bolsover, Derbyshire, England. Actually this family was also the owner of Peveril Castle. In 1155, the castle was controlled by the royal family. Get more interesting facts about Bolsover Castle below:

Facts about Bolsover Castle 1: the importance of Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle is an important building today. It is protected by English Heritage. This building is enlisted as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Facts about Bolsover Castle 2: the construction of the castle

As I have stated, Bolsover Castle was built by the Peverel family.  When William Peverel the Younger passed away, the castle was owned as a Crown Property in 1155.

Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle

Facts about Bolsover Castle 3: the claim of the property

The Peveril property later was claimed by the Earls of Derby. They were the Ferrers family.

Facts about Bolsover Castle 4: the cash

King Henry allotted £116 for constructing the Peveril and Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire. King Henry II did it when a group of barons along with his sons were against his rule. Get facts about Bodiam Castle here.

Bolsover Castle UK

Bolsover Castle UK

Facts about Bolsover Castle 5: during the revolt

During the revolt, there were 20 knights who led the garrison. They were shared for the Nottingham and Peveril Castles.

Facts about Bolsover Castle 6: the throne

In 1199, the throne was captured by John after Richard, his brother died. William de Ferrers tried to claim for the Peveril estates by paying 2000 marks to John. However, the castles of Peveril and Bolsover were still under the control of the Crown.

Bolsover Castle Image

Bolsover Castle Image

Facts about Bolsover Castle 7: giving the castles

In 1216, The Ferrers got the Peveril and Bolsover Castle after John finally gave them to the family. He did it for he wanted the Ferrers to support him due to the rebellion in the country.

Facts about Bolsover Castle 8: forces to take the castle

The Ferrers were allowed by John to take over the castles from the castellan Brian de Lisle for he did not want to give them to Ferrers. In 1217, the castles were controlled by the Ferrers after the fight. But in 1223, Bolsover castle was under the crown control again. The Earl of Derby had to pay £33 because of the damage that he did when he tried to capture the castle.

Bolsover Castle Facts

Bolsover Castle Facts

Facts about Bolsover Castle 9: the renovation cost

It took £181 to renovate the Bolsover Castle in the next 20 years. The reparation involved the curtain wall, four towers, bar and kitchen. FInd out facts about Beeston Castle here.

Facts about Bolsover Castle 10: English Heritage

Now Bolsover Castle was under the control of English Heritage.

Facts about Bolsover Castle

Facts about Bolsover Castle

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