10 Facts about Bone Cancer

Wednesday, August 5th 2015. | Medical

Let me show you Facts about Bone Cancer in the following post below. Bone cancer is considered as one of the deadly diseases in the world. The bone cancer occurs when there is a cancer located in the bone cells. Usually the bone cancer occurs after the cancer affects other organs inside the body. Then the cancer spreads inside the bones. Here are other facts about bone cancer for you:

Facts about Bone Cancer 1: metastatic cancer

The bone cancer is considered as a metastatic cancer. It means that the name of the cancer is derived from the name of the source of the original cancer. If the bone cancer starts form the colon, then it is called as the metastatic colon cancer. Then this cancer makes the bone cells malignant.

Facts about Bone Cancer 2: the cancers which begin in the bones

There are several cancers starting in the bone marrow, but they are not called as bone cancers. One of them is the multiple myeloma which the cancer usually starts on the bone marrow. It affects the immune cells.

Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer

Facts about Bone Cancer 3: the percentage bone cancers

The risk of having bone cancer is not high. It only occupies 1 percent of all cases of bone cancers in United States.

Facts about Bone Cancer 4: the risk of bone cancer

The older people have lowered risk of having bone cancer than children and adults. If the cancer is found in the bone of an older adult people, the cancer usually is from another body location. Find out facts about blood cancer here.

Bone Cancer Picture

Bone Cancer Picture

Facts about Bone Cancer 5: the risk factors

The risk of having bone cancer is increased on the people who have received chemotherapy using certain drugs and having radiation therapy.

Facts about Bone Cancer 6: the associated condition

The associated condition which includes the diamond blackfan anemia, Paget’s disease of bone and hereditary retinoblastoma also increase the risk of having bone cancer.

Bone Cancer Pic

Bone Cancer Pic

Facts about Bone Cancer 7: what is the cause of bone cancer?

Until this present day, the experts have not stated the exact cause of bone cancer.

Facts about Bone Cancer 8: the common symptom

The common symptom of bone cancer is the pain which can come anytime.  Sometimes the people do not realize that it has something to do with the bones.

Bone Cancer Facts

Bone Cancer Facts

Facts about Bone Cancer 9: the X-rays

To find out the condition of the bones, the X-rays can be used. Sometimes, the areas affected by bone cancer experience lump, swelling and mass. Get facts about bladder cancer here.

Facts about Bone Cancer 10: the most common type of bone cancer

The most common type of bone cancer is osteosarcoma.  This condition is more common to see on males at the age of 10 to 19.

Facts about Bone Cancer

Facts about Bone Cancer

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