10 Facts about Bone Cells

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Bone Cells in the post below. You can find bone cell inside the bone tissue. The outer part of the bone features the compact tissue. Inside the compact tissue, you can find the spongy tissue or cancellous tissue. At the end of the bone, you can find the smooth tissue or the subchondral tissue. Get more interesting facts about bone cells by reading the full post:

Facts about Bone Cells 1: the skeletal system

The skeletal system is supported by all bones cells which compose the bones. The function of bone in the skeletal system includes the maintenance of bones, the new bone development and mineral regulation.

Facts about Bone Cells 2: the types of bones cells

Can you tell me the types of bone cells? There are four types of bones cells to learn. The one which protect the bone is called the lining cell. The bone cells which destroy the bones are osteoclasts. The osteocytes are functioned to hold the bones together. The bone cells which build the bones are osteoblasts.

Facts about Bone Cells

Facts about Bone Cells

Facts about Bone Cells 3: Osteoclasts

The breakdown of the bone is the responsibility of osteoclasts. There is no need to wonder that this bone cells have the job to destroy the bones.

Facts about Bone Cells 4: resorptive pits

The resorptive pits are located inside the small pits of the bones where you can find osteoclasts. Howships Lacunae is the enzyme which creates the pits.

Bone Cells

Bone Cells

Facts about Bone Cells 5: the new bones

The formation of the new bones is the job of osteoblasts.  Talking about the size, it is very small. You can only find one nucleus on the cell.

Facts about Bone Cells 6: the importance of osteoblasts

Osteoblasts are very important for human beings. Without osteoblasts, the new one will never be made. Moreover, the old and broken bones will never be fixed and remodeled.

Bone Cells Image

Bone Cells Image

Facts about Bone Cells 7: Osteocytes

The location of osteocytes is inside the bone matrix. It is trapped in that location. Actually it is derived from osteoblasts. Find out bones facts here.

Facts about Bone Cells 8: what are the lining cells?

The flattened inactive osteoblasts are called the lining cells. The cellular function inside the body will never be bothered by the lining cells for they cover the bones.

Bone Cell

Bone Cell

Facts about Bone Cells 9: line cells of kids and adults

Lining cells are not common to find in kids, but some kids may have them. Adults mostly have the lining cells. Get facts about body system here.

Facts about Bone Cells 10: another job of lining cell

The extra job of a lining cell is to protect the bone from dangerous chemicals.

Bone Cell Facts

Bone Cell Facts

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