10 Facts about Bones

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The sturdy and rigid organ located inside human being is explained in Facts about Bones. There are several functions of bones. They are used to store minerals, produce the white and red blood, protect the organs in the body and provide support for the body.  You can find the dense of connective tissues located inside the bone tissue. Get more interesting facts about bone below:

Facts about Bones 1: the shapes and sizes

Let’s find out the shapes and sizes of bones. You can find bones in various sizes and shapes. It can be small, large, big or even long. The bones are very hard and strong even though they are lightweight.

Facts about Bones 2: the types of tissues

The cortical and cancellous are the two types of bone tissues which contribute to the rigidity of bones.

Bone Facts

Bone Facts

Facts about Bones 3: other tissues of bones

Other tissues of bones can be found inside cartilage, marrow, nerves, blood vessels, periosteum and endosteum.

Facts about Bones 4: the cells inside bones

The different cells can be found inside the active tissues of bones. The re-absorption of bone tissue is the responsibility of osteocytes and osteoclasts. The formation of mineralization inside the bones is the responsibility of osteoblasts. Get facts about bones and muscles here.

Bone Cancer Pic

Bone Cancer Pic

Facts about Bones 5: the number of bones

How many bones does human being have?  When the baby is born, he or she has more than 270 bones. When he or she reaches adulthood, the number of bones is only 206 bones because some of the bones are fused.

Facts about Bones 6: the smallest and largest bone of human being

Can you guess the smallest bone of human being? It is the stapes located in the middle ear. The thigh bone of femur is considered as the largest bone of human being.

Facts about Bones

Facts about Bones

Facts about Bones 7: is it made of solid material?

If you think that all bones of our body are made of the solid material, you are wrong. Most of them contain matrix. The hard and lightweight part of the bone is located on osseous tissue.

Facts about Bones 8: the component of matrix

The matrix is composed of the organic collagen and inorganic mineral calcium phosphate. The fracture resistance of bone is increased if the amount of collagen is sufficient.



Facts about Bones 9: the bone marrow

When the baby is born, the red marrow is always found on their bones. When he or she reaches adulthood, the fatty marrow or yellow marrow replaces the red marrow.

Facts about Bones 10: types of bones

The bones of human body are classified into five types. Those are the irregular, flat, long, sesamoid and short bones. The examples of short bones are the bones located at the ankle and wrist.

Bone Texture

Bone Texture

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