10 Facts about Bongo Drums

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Let’s find out one of the interesting traditional musical instruments in the world in Facts about Bongo Drums. The drums are made of a pair of small and open bottomed drums. You can find this Afro Cuban percussion in several sizes. The small version of Bongo drum is called the macho for male. The larger version is for the female. It is called hembra. Get more facts about bongo drums below:

Facts about Bongo Drums 1: the hand drum

The popularity of bongo drum is very high in the world. It is considered as the most popular hand drum in Cuba. It is mostly used by the musician to accompany the Afro Cuba jazz, salsa, and Cuban son music.

Facts about Bongo Drums 2: the origin

There is no exact origin of bongo drums.  The first usage of bongo drum was recorded in the end of 19th century in Oriente Province. It is located in the eastern area of Cuba.

Facts about Bongo Drums

Facts about Bongo Drums

Facts about Bongo Drums 3: the popular music style

During the first usage of bongo drum, it was used to play the popular music such as Cuban son, changüí and nengón.

Facts about Bongo Drums 4: the history

The open bottom of Bongo drums is related to the Congo or Bantu drum models. Therefore, they believe that they were originated from Central Africa. Get facts about Bollywood Music here.

Bongo Drums

Bongo Drums

Facts about Bongo Drums 5: the concept

Some people believe that the invention of bongo drums is related to Cuba and African culture.   The concept of the drum probably was from Africa. But it was invented in Cuba.

Facts about Bongo Drums 6: bongo de monte

Bongó de monte is the bongo drums mostly used in changui.  This bongo drum is very different from the modern styled drum. It is tuned lower. The shape of the drum is larger. The tunable hardware is not presented for it is replaced with tack heads.

Bongo Drum Image

Bongo Drum Image

Facts about Bongo Drums 7: the bongo drums in western Cuba

During the 20th century, the bongo drums were found in western Cuba. It was introduced to Havana, Cuba by son.

Facts about Bongo Drums 8: the most common hand drum

Bongo drums are considered as the most common hand drum in the world after the Cuba big band earned a lot of popularity and made the bongo drum famous. Find out Bhangra music facts here.

Bongo Drum Facts

Bongo Drum Facts

Facts about Bongo Drums 9: the sound produced by bongo drums

If you compare the sound produced of bongo drums and conga drum, the former one has higher pitched sound.

Facts about Bongo Drums 10: the notable bongoseros

Bongoseros is the term used to call the bongo drummers. The well known bongoseros include Armando Peraza,  Augustín Gutiérrez, Pedro Mena, Ralph Marzán, and Clemente Piquero.

Single Bongo Drum

Single Bongo Drum

Are you impressed reading facts about bongo drums?

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