10 Facts about Bono

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Facts about Bono tell you about the Irish singer, musician, businessman, songwriter, philanthropist and venture capitalist. Bono is his state name. His real name is Paul David Hewson. He was born on 10 May 1960 in Dublin, Ireland. He was famous as the leading man in U2. It is the famous rock band based in Dublin.

Facts about Bono 1: the members of U2

He met the future members of U2 when he attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School. In this school, he also met Alison Stewart, his future wife.

Facts about Bono 2: the themes of U2 music and lyrics

Bono is considered as the front man in U2. The lyrics that Bono writes for most songs of U2 are about politics, social aspect and religions. Then the themes evolve after the band matures. They also use the personal experiences to create lyrics. Get facts about Bonnie Tyler here.

Bono Facts

Bono Facts

Facts about Bono 3: a philanthropist

Now Bono is not only famous as singer and songwriter. He is a philanthropist too who works hard for charitable act for Africa. There are several organizations that he establishes such as EDUN, DATA, Product Red and Once Campaign.

Facts about Bono 4: an honorary knighthood

Due to his humanitarian works and great contribution to music, Queen Elizabeth II gives him an honorary knighthood.

Facts about Bono

Facts about Bono

Facts about Bono 5: another honor

He also got another honor as a Commandeur of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres on 17 July 2013.

Facts about Bono 6: the family life

On 10 May 1960s, Bono was born in Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. His mother is Iris Rankin, a member of Church of Ireland. His father is a Roman Catholic. His name is Bob Hewson. Bono and his brother were raised by the parents in Northside suburb of Finglas.



Facts about Bono 7: the death of his mother

On 10 September 1974, his mother died. At that time, Bono was only 14 years old. The loss of his mother  inspired U2 to create “Tomorrow”, “Lemon”, “Out of Control”, “I Will Follow”, and “Mofo”.

Facts about Bono 8: the personal life

His wife is Alison Hewson. Both are blessed with four kids. Those are John Abraham, Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q, Memphis Eve and Jordan.

Bono Pic

Bono Pic

Facts about Bono 9: the public appearance

When you see Bono in public, he always wears sunglasses because he has glaucoma. He stated that he had sensitive eyes.

Facts about Bono 10: awards

There are various awards that U2 earned. “The Hands That Built America” was awarded with the best original song in Golden Globe 2003. It was the soundtrack for Gangs of New York. Find out facts about Blur here.

Bono Image

Bono Image

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