10 Facts about Bonsai Trees

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The Japanese art used to create the miniature trees is explained Facts about Bonsai Trees. Bonsai is very unique and beautiful. You can use it to decorate the indoor and outdoor house. The trees will be grown inside the containers. The practice of making miniature trees have been conducted in Japan more than thousand years ago. Here are some interesting facts about bonsai trees:

Facts about Bonsai Trees 1: the purpose of making bonsai trees

The purpose of making bonsai trees is for planting small trees to grow in a container and for the long term cultivation. It is not used to produce medicine, food or landscape.

Facts about Bonsai Trees 2: the development of bonsai trees

The people can use different techniques for developing bonsai trees. The techniques include seedling and cutting. The specimen of the tree is created at the beginning of the bonsai tree.

Bonsai Tree Facts

Bonsai Tree Facts

Facts about Bonsai Trees 3: the trees used for bonsai trees

The bonsai trees can be made of shrub species or even wooden stemmed trees. They can be cultivated in smaller shape.

Facts about Bonsai Trees 4: the special bonsai trees

The perfect trees that can be made into bonsai trees have the small needles or even small leaves. To meet the aesthetic standard of bonsai trees, it should be small.

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees

Facts about Bonsai Trees 5: the growth

The growth of bonsai trees should be kept minimal. You can have to learn about defoliation, root reduction, pruning, grafting and potting to make the bonsai tree resemble the full sized tree. Check facts about bluebonnets here.

Facts about Bonsai Trees 6: the source of bonsai material

There are several sources of bonsai material. You can get it from the commercial bonsai growers. You can buy the mature specimen easily. Or you can get it using layering or cutting from the source tree.

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree

Facts about Bonsai Trees 7: the size of bonsai trees

The normal tree usually grows up to several meters. It also occupies thousands liter of soil for the growth of the tree. If you have bonsai tree, it only takes around 2 till 10 liters of solid with the length less than 25 cm.

Facts about Bonsai Trees 8: how to care bonsai trees

There are several things that you need to concern if you want to have perfect bonsai trees. You need to concern on the fertilization, soil composition, repotting, water and overwintering and location of bonsai trees.

Bonsai Tree Pic

Bonsai Tree Pic

Facts about Bonsai Trees 9: the bonsai aesthetics

The Japanese people are very interested to create bonsai trees due to the aesthetic value. Get facts about bluebells here.

Facts about Bonsai Trees 10: principles of bonsai aesthetics

The aesthetics of bonsai can be seen from the proportion among elements, miniaturization, poignancy asymmetry, and no trace of the artist.

Facts about Bonsai Trees

Facts about Bonsai Trees

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