10 Facts about Bony Fish

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Facts about Bony Fish are explained in the following post below. This fish is very different from the skeletons or cartilaginous fish for it has bone. This fish is also called as osteichthyes. This group has a lot of members. There are 28,000 species of bony fish with 435 families and 45 orders. Check the detail facts about bony fish below:

Facts about Bony Fish 1:the division of bony fish

There are two types of bony fish. They are the lone finned fish or Sarcopterygii and the ray finned fish or Actinopterygii.

Facts about Bony Fish 2:the fossil of bony fish

The experts have found out the oldest known bony fish. It was dated around 420 million years ago. The  fossil is studied by the experts. They conclude that the tooth pattern of bony fish resembles the tooth of sharks and modern bony fish.

Bony Fish Facts

Bony Fish Facts

Facts about Bony Fish 3:the characterization of the old bony fish

Let’s find out the characterization of bony fish. The cranila bones are in stable pattern.

Facts about Bony Fish 4: the eyes of the old bony fish

The old bony fish has 4 small bones which give a full support on the eyes of the bony fish.

Facts about Bony Fish

Facts about Bony Fish

Facts about Bony Fish 5:the important organs

The large dermal bones are used to cover the pectoral girdles and head. The lung of the old bony fish is very simple.

Facts about Bony Fish 6:the evolution of bony fish

The modern bony fish is different the old bony fish in some parts of the body. The swim bladders are available in the modern bony fish as the replacement for the single lungs. Therefore, the bony fish is able to float and sink.

Bony Fish

Bony Fish

Facts about Bony Fish 7: the reproduction

Talking about the reproduction of bony fish, some of them are parthenogenesis, while others are hermaphrodites. The fertilization may occur  internally or even externally. Get facts about blue catfish here.

Facts about Bony Fish 8:the largest bony fish in the world

The largest bony fish in the world is the ocean sunfish. The weight can reach 5,077 lb or 2,303 kilogram with the length at 11 feet or 3.3 meters.

Bony Fish Image

Bony Fish Image

Facts about Bony Fish 9: the longest bony fish

The king of herrings is called as the longest bony fish in the world. Find out facts about blue tang fish here.

Facts about Bony Fish 10:other types of large bony fish

The goliath grouper, black marlin and Atlantic blue marlin are included as the large type of bony fish.

Bony Fish Pic

Bony Fish Pic

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