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Get the interesting Facts about Books in the below post. Book is very important not only today but also in the past. It is considered as the source of learning.  The book can  made of  parchment, ink, paper and other materials. It can be made in blank sheet, illustrated, printed or written books. The sheets then will be fastened at one side.

Facts about Books 1:the electronic format

The books can be produced in electronic format. People call it the e-book or electronic book.

Facts about Books 2:bookstores or bookshops

If you want to buy the new or old books, you just have to go to the bookshops or bookstores. If you are not interested to buy books, but you want to read them, you can borrow the books from the libraries.

Book Facts

Book Facts

Facts about Books 3:the published books in 2010

In 2010, it was estimated that 13,000,000 unique titles of books had been published. That’s the report from Google.

Facts about Books 4:the sections of book

There are many types of books. One of them is novel included as a part of literature. The section of the book can be called Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, or even Book 4.

Facts about Books

Facts about Books

Facts about Books 5: monograph

A book is often called as monograph in the information science and library. This term is used to differentiate the book from the newspaper, journals, and magazines.

Facts about Books 6: the common division of books

The nonfiction and fiction are the common division of books. The fictions books mean that the content of the books are mostly or partly untrue. On the other hand, the nonfiction books tell the reader the true or real story.



Facts about Books 7:the common type of fiction books

Novel is considered as the common type of fiction. The novel can be made in various genres. It can be romantic, mystery, horror, serious or even controversial.  The literary elements in the novel include characters, themes, setting and plot. Get facts about banned books here.

Facts about Books 8:the difference between the novelette and novella

The novelette is made with the words around 7,500 to 17,500. The novella is the type of fiction made with the words between 17,500 and 40,000.

Book Pic

Book Pic

Facts about Books 9:the short story

The short story can be made with the words around 10,000. But it can be more or less. Get facts about Asterix here.

Facts about Books 10:the illustrated book

The examples of the illustrated book include the graphic novels and comic books.



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