10 Facts about Boomerangs

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The thrown tool is explained in Facts about Boomerangs.  It is always associated with the aboriginal people of Australia. The boomerang can be made in returning design. When you throw it, it will spin and return to the thrower. Get other interesting facts about boomerangs below:

Facts about Boomerangs 1: the weapon

Boomerang is considered as a weapon for the aboriginal people of Australia. They use the boomerang during the hunting time.

Facts about Boomerangs 2: the usage of boomerangs

Boomerangs have been used for various purposes. The people use it as a form of entertainment, sport and for hunting.



Facts about Boomerangs 3: the icon

As I have stated before, boomerang is always considered as a tool for the indigenous Australian people. There is no need to wonder that it is called as the Australian icon. Find out Australia facts here.

Facts about Boomerangs 4: the materials to create boomerangs

In the past, bones were used to create boomerangs.  Now you can find them created from wood  for the traditional styled boomerangs.

Facts about Boomerang

Facts about Boomerang

Facts about Boomerangs 5: the modern boomerangs

You can buy the modern version of boomerangs that you can use for sport or entertainment. The carbon fiber reinforced plastic is considered as the high-tech material to make boomerang. You can have it made of phenolic paper, ABS, thin aircraft plywood and polypropylene. Find out facts about aboriginal weapon here.

Facts about Boomerangs 6: the shape and size of boomerangs

If you check the shapes and sizes of boomerangs, you will be amazed for this tool is available in different shapes and sizes. You can have it in small, medium or large space. The shape and size of boomerang is affected by the function, origin and geography.

Boomerang Facts

Boomerang Facts

Facts about Boomerangs 7: the easy to use boomerang

If you are interested to have to easy to use boomerang, you can buy the boomabird, the tumblestick, the pinwheel and the cross stick.

Facts about Boomerangs 8: the design of returning boomerangs

The design of returning boomerangs is very different from the non returning boomerangs.  The returning one is considered as the example  of the heavier than air man made flight.  It has the unbalanced aerodynamics when it spins. Moreover, it has curved flight.

Boomerang Pic

Boomerang Pic

Facts about Boomerangs 9: the function of returning and non returning boomerangs

The non returning boomerangs are often for the weapons. The boomerang for recreation and sport is the returning ones.

Facts about Boomerangs 10: the boomerangs in other parts of the world

Boomerangs are not only found in Australia. The Southern Indian and Native American people of Arizona and California used boomerangs to hunt rabbits and birds.

Facts about Boomerangs

Facts about Boomerangs

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