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Facts about Bord na Mona talks about the semi state company located in Ireland. People often call it BNM.  The Turf Development Act 1946 established this Board na Mona company in 1946. The main function of this company is for the mechanized peat harvesting. It controls the Midlands of Ireland. Let’s find out the harvesting, history and responsibilities of Bord na Mona in the following post below:

Facts about Bord na Mona 1: the original establishment

In 1933, the Turf Development Board, Limited was established. The main function is to maintain and manage the stockpile peat. It is very abundant in Ireland.

Facts about Bord na Mona 2: the peat as a the fuel

The establishment of the company is based on the belief that the peat can be used as the fuel in the Second World War. Therefore, Ireland could save their energy by using peat as a fuel.

Board na Mona Products

Bord na Mona Products

Facts about Bord na Mona 3: the traditional method of harvesting

The traditional method used by the Irish people to harvest the peat is by using the operating cutaway bogs. It was considered as the manual method. Even though this method is traditional, the people still apply this method till today.

Facts about Bord na Mona 4: the technology

Today the people use technology to harvest peat. The milled peat is the type of peat mostly harvested by the company.

Bord na Mona

Bord na Mona

Facts about Bord na Mona 5: the production of Bord Na Mona

Besides harvesting the peat, the peat moss is also produced by the Bord na Mona. The pot plants can be filled with the peat moss. It is made by combining soil and peat.

Facts about Bord na Mona 6: the power station

The peat harvested by Bord na Mona is used to power the Edenderry Power. It is considered as the power station owned by Bord na Mona. The power station supplied by the peat of Bord Na Mona is the Electricity Supply Board.

Bord na Mona Facts

Bord na Mona Facts

Facts about Bord na Mona 7: the railway

Bord na Mona operates the railways in the midlands of Ireland.  The gauge network has the length at 914 mm or 3 feet. Find out another company in facts about Best Buy.

Facts about Bord na Mona 8: the tourist trains

The Clonmacnoise and West Offaly Railway were used as the tourist trains for around twelve years.

Bord Na Mona

Bord Na Mona

Facts about Bord na Mona 9: the future activities

The people were surprised to find out that Bord na Mona had a plan to end the peat bog exploitation because the company wanted to focus on the waste-management and recovery, energy and horticulture. Find out facts about bank of America here.

Facts about Bord na Mona 10: the peat moss fertilizer

DIY chain B&Q is the largest customer of peat moss fertilizers produced by Bord Na Mona.

Board na Mona Pic

Bord na Mona Pic

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