10 Facts about Bordeaux

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You can find out the information about the famous port city in France in Facts about Bordeaux. The location of this city is in the southwestern France at the Garonne River. If you want to call the female people who live in Bordeaux, call them Bordelaises. The males are called Bordelais. Let’s get more interesting facts about Bordeaux below:

Facts about Bordeaux 1: the population

In 2012, the commune or municipality of Bordeaux proper was inhabited by 241,287 people. Bordeaux Métropole was the home for 737,492 people.

Facts about Bordeaux 2: the capital city

Bordeaux is the capital city for Gironde department and Aquitaine region. There is no need to wonder that Bordeaux is called La perle d’Aquitaine or the Pearl of Aquitaine. Another nickname that Bordeaux earns is the Sleeping Beauty or Le Belle Endormie.  It gets the name because of the black wall located at the old center of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Facts

Bordeaux Facts

Facts about Bordeaux 3: the industry

The primary industry in Bordeaux is the production of wine. The metro area earns around 14.5 billion euro per year because of the wine production.  This city also has Vinexpo or the wine fair. Since the eighth century, the wine has been produced by the local people.

Facts about Bordeaux 4: the buildings in Bordeaux

If you visit Bordeaux, you will be impressed with the 18th century buildings. There is no need to wonder that some parts of the city are called as an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble by UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Facts about Bordeaux 5: the history and art

Bordeaux is rich of history and art. You can find some buildings created during the Roman era. There are 362 monuments historiques in the city. Therefore, it is badged as the City of Art and History. Find out Bonn facts here.

Facts about Bordeaux 6: tourism

Tourism in Bordeaux is very popular. This city is visited by many tourists every year.  Many cinema production crews also go to Bordeaux to shoot their movies.

Bordeaux City

Bordeaux City

Facts about Bordeaux 7: the wonderful buildings in Bordeaux to visit

Some of the wonderful buildings to visit in Bordeaux include Monument aux Girondins, Place du Chapelet, Place du Parlement, Grand Théâtre, Esplanade des Quinconces and Allées de Tourny.

Facts about Bordeaux 8: the museums in Bordeaux

If you love to visit the museums in Bordeaux, you can go to Musée d’Aquitaine, Musée des Beaux Arts and Musée National des Douanes. Musée des Beaux Arts houses different kind’s paintings made by Chardin, Delacroix, Veronese, Rubens, and Renoir.

Bordeaux at Night

Bordeaux at Night

Facts about Bordeaux 9: Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas

In 2013, Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas was opened. It is considered as the longest span vertical lift bridge in Europe.

Facts about Bordeaux 10:the shopping center

If you love shopping, you can go to Rue Sainte-Catherine. Get Bern facts here.

facts about Bordeaux

facts about Bordeaux

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