10 Facts about Border Collies

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Let me show you the valuable information about the herding and working dog breed in Facts about Border Collies. This breed was developed to herd the sheep in the past. It was from the Anglo-Scottish border region. The people loved to breed border collies because of their obedience and intelligence. Get the interesting facts about border collies in the below post:

Facts about Border Collies 1: the characters

Let’s find out the characters of border collies.  They are described as athletic, smart, energetic and acrobatic dogs. If you check Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, it takes the first place in the list.

Facts about Border Collies 2: one of the most intelligent dogs

Border collies are included in the list of the most intelligent dogs in the world.  They have to ability in sheepdog trials and dog sports.

facts about Border Collies

facts about Border Collies

Facts about Border Collies 3: herding livestock

Until this present day, border collies are still employed by the people to herd the livestock even though it is considered as the traditional job of border collies.

Facts about Border Collies 4: the body size

Border collies have the medium sized body. The coat texture can be rough to smooth. The body is covered by a double coat. It can be thick or medium.

Border Collies

Border Collies

Facts about Border Collies 5: the color and pattern

Border collies can have different kinds of patterns and colors. But the most common one is in black and white combination.

Facts about Border Collies 6: the other color combinations

You can find the border collies in red tricolor of red/tan/white, white and liver and black tricolors of white/tan/black.

Border Collies Pic

Border Collies Pic

Facts about Border Collies 7: the other unique colors

The border collies are available in unique colors too such as red merle, blue, brindle, blue merle, Australian red, and lilac. Find out Black Labs facts here.

Facts about Border Collies 8: the ears

The ears of Border Collies are different. Some dogs have the fully dropped ears, while others may have the fully erect ears. There are several border collies which have the fully erect ears.

Border Collie

Border Collie

Facts about Border Collies 9: the supervision

There is a superstition about the border collies. The people believe that the white colored border collies are not suitable for heading the sheep for they will not be respected by the sheep. Get Bichon facts here.

Facts about Border Collies 10: the height

The height of female border collies is around 18 to 21 inches or 46 to 53 cm. The males have the height around 19 to 22 inches or 48 to 56 cm.

Border Collies Facts

Border Collies Facts

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