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Let’s find out the football player of Liverpool in Facts about Borini. This Italian man was born on 29 March 1991. He becomes the forward player in club. In 2007, he was in Chelsea after he began his career at Bologna. Before he got a deal with Roma, he was in Championship side Swansea City on loan. In 2012, he was signed by Liverpool. Here are other interesting facts about Borini:

Facts about Borini 1: Sunderland

He was at Sunderland on loan for the 2013 and 2014 season. When he was at Sunderland, many people loved him.

Facts about Borini 2: the international debut

In 2012, Borini had his international debut. He was able to reach the 2012 final of Euro Cup even though he was an unused member of Italian team.

Facts about Borini

Facts about Borini

Facts about Borini 3: playing football

When Borini was 9 years old, he began playing football.  In 2001, he decided to join Bologna as a young player because Bologna was the favorite football club of his father.

Facts about Borini 4: joining Chelsea

In the summer of 2007, he went to Chelsea. He became the first alternative for the striker reserves in 2008/2009 season. There were 11 appearances during the season, but he could give 10 goals. Therefore, he was called as the top scorer for the reserved striker. Find out facts about Barcelona FC here.



Facts about Borini 5: FA Youth Cup

During the FA Youth Cup, Borini’s club was against MU. He was able to earn the bench against FC Porto when he joined Carlo Ancelotti’s Champions League squad on 1 September 2009.

Facts about Borini 6: the first team debut for Chelsea

The first team debut of Chelsea that Borini had was in the 89th minute when the Chelsea opposed Tottenham Hotspur. He was the replacement for Nicolas Anelka.

Borini Pictures

Borini Pictures

Facts about Borini 7: the full team debut

When he was in the League Cup third round, Borini made his full team debut. At that time, his club opposed Queens Park Rangers.

Facts about Borini 8: Champions League debut

The Champions League debut for Borini was against APOEL on 8 December 2009. The result of the game was 2-2 draw.

Borini Facts

Borini Facts

Facts about Borini 9: FA Cup game

His debut at the FA Cup game was in the fifth round when his club was against Cardiff City. Find out another athlete in facts about Barry Sanders here.

Facts about Borini 10: a hernia operation

Borini had to stop playing in the green field for some time because he had to do a hernia operation.

Borini Pic

Borini Pic

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