10 Facts about Borneo

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If you are interested to find out the largest island in Asia, check Facts about Borneo. Borneo takes the record as the third largest island in the world. The Malaysian people call it Borneo, while the Indonesian people call it Kalimantan. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Borneo in the below post:

Facts about Borneo 1: the location

If you decide to check the location of Borneo from the point of view of the Indonesian islands, Borneo is on the east of Sumatra, west of Sulawesi and north of Java.

Facts about Borneo 2: the division of Borneo

There are three countries located inside Borneo. Those are in Indonesia to the south, Brunei and Malaysia to the north. Indonesia occupies around 73 percent of the land area of Borneo.

Facts about Borneo

Facts about Borneo

Facts about Borneo 3:  the north area

Around 26 percent of the land area of Borneo is occupied by Sabah and Sarawak. Both are included in the East Malaysian states. Off the coast of Borneo, you can spot a small island where it stands Malaysian federal territory of Labuan.

Facts about Borneo 4: Brunei

Brunei only has 1 percent land area of Borneo. It is very small.  It is situated to the north coast.

Borneo Island

Borneo Island

Facts about Borneo 5: the size of Borneo

As I have stated before Borneo is called as the third largest island in the world. The land area of Borneo is 287,000 square miles or 743,330 square km. Get facts about Balearic Islands here.

Facts about Borneo 6: Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia is considered as the highest point in Borneo. The height of Mount Kinabalu is 13,435 feet or 4,095 meter.

Boscastle Floods 2004

Boscastle Floods 2004

Facts about Borneo 7: Clearwater Cave

Clearwater Cave is included as one of the longest underground rivers in the world. If you are interested to visit another cave, you can go to the Deer Cave. There are more than 3 million bats living here. The depth of guano accumulated in the cave is more than 330 feet to 100 m.

Facts about Borneo 8: Kapuas River

The West Kalimantan is the home to the largest river system, Kapuas. The length of the river is 710 meter or 1,143 km.

Borneo and Orang Utan

Borneo and Orang Utan

Facts about Borneo 9: the rivers

Besides Kapuas River, you can also find other important rivers in Borneo such as Rajang in Sarawak, Barito in South Kalimantan and Mahakam in East Kalimantan. Find out facts about Bali here.

Facts about Borneo 10: the Borneo rainforest

The rainforests in Borneo are famous in the world for they have been around for at least 140 years. It is a home to 221 species of terrestrial mammals, 3,000 species of trees, 15,000 species of flowering plants, and 420 species of birds.

Borneo Forest

Borneo Forest

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