10 Facts about Borobudur

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Find out the interesting Facts about Borobudur in the below explanation. This temple is very famous in the world. The location is in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It was made in 9th century. This Mahayana Buddhist Temple features 504 Buddha statues and 2,672 relief panels. On the top of the temple, you can find a central dome. It has 9 stacked platforms. Three of them are in circular, while six of them are in square shape. Here are some interesting facts about Borobudur below:

Facts about Borobudur 1: the Buddha statues

On the top of Borobudur, you can find a central dome. There are 72 Buddha statues located around the central dome. You can find them inside a perforated stupa.

Facts about Borobudur 2: Buddhist temple

Borobudur takes the record as the largest Buddhist temple in the world.  People also name Borobudur as the greatest Buddhist monument in the world.

Facts about Borobudur

Facts about Borobudur

Facts about Borobudur 3: the construction of Borobudur

During the era of Sailendra Dynasty, Borobudur was constructed. The design of the temple is at the combination of Buddhist and Javanese concept.  When you see the architecture in details, it has the concept to achieve Nirvana based on the Buddhist concept.

Facts about Borobudur 4: the Indian influence

The Indian influence is also seen on the design of Borobudur. It is found on the Gupta Art.



Facts about Borobudur 5: the function of the monument

Borobudur is very important for Buddhist people for it is considered as the Buddhist pilgrimage and a shrine for Lord Buddha. Find out Bodiam Castle facts here.

Facts about Borobudur 6: Buddhist cosmology

There are three levels of Buddhist cosmology that you can find in Borobudur. When you make a pilgrim in Borobudur, make sure that you can follow the three levels. The first one is the world of the desire of Kamadhatu. Next, it is the world of forms or Rupadhatu. The last one is the world of formlessness or Arupadhatu.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

Facts about Borobudur 7: the reliefs

One of the main attractive features in Borobudur lies on the reliefs.  It is considered as the world’s most complete Buddhist reliefs.

Facts about Borobudur 8: the abandonment of Borobudur

Borobudur was neglected by the people after the Hindu Kingdoms were declined in 14th and the Javanese people began to convert to Islam.

Borobudur History

Borobudur History

Facts about Borobudur 9: Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles sparked the interest of the people about Borobudur in 1814. Get facts about Bolsover Castle here.

Facts about Borobudur 10: the unique location of Borobudur

Borobudur has a very unique location for it is situated between two rivers of Elo and Progo rivers and two twin volcanoes of Merbabu-Merapi and Sundoro-Sumbing.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

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