10 Facts about Bosnian War

Tuesday, August 11th 2015. | History

If you are interested to study about history, you need to check Facts about Bosnian War. This international conflict took place in 1992 till 1995.  The location of the conflict was in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The people believed that the Bosnian War broke on April 6th, 1992. The war ended on December 14th, 1995. Let’s find out the important facts about Bosnian War below:

Facts about Bosnian War 1: who were involved in the Bosnian War?

Let’s find out who were involved in the Bosnian War? The war was between the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Serb. Both were the Herzeg Bosnia and Republika Srpska. Croatia and Serbia supplied and led the Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat entities during the Bosnian war.

Facts about Bosnian War 2: the breakup

Before Bosnia gained its independence as a republic country, it was a part of Yugoslavia. After Yugoslavia disbanded, Bosnian war broke.

Facts about Bosnian War

Facts about Bosnian War

Facts about Bosnian War 3: the independence

On 29th February 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a referendum for independence. There were multiple ethnicities that you can find here. More than 44 percent were the Muslim Bosniaks. 32.5 percent were the Orthodox Serbs, while 17 percent were the Catholic Croats.

Facts about Bosnian War 4: the Bosnian Serbs

The Bosnian Serbs disagreed with the referendum and wanted to form their own republic country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Beauty

Bosnia and Herzegovina Beauty

Facts about Bosnian War 5: the international recognition

The declaration of independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina got the recognition from the international people.

Facts about Bosnian War 6: securing the Serbian territory

JNA or Yugoslav People’s Army and Serbian government of Slobodan Miloševic supported the Bosnian Serbs who wanted to secure their territory inside the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, they drummed up the force inside the country.

Bosnian War

Bosnian War

Facts about Bosnian War 7: the ethnic cleansing

The ethnic cleansing occurred during the war. The Croats and Bosniak Muslims were cleansed from the country. Check facts about Berlin Blockade here.

Facts about Bosnian War 8: the territorial conflict

The main conflict during the Bosnian war is occurred because of territory.

Bosnian War Picture

Bosnian War Picture

Facts about Bosnian War 9: the Croat population

The Croat population who lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina also wanted to secure their territory and called it Croatian land. Get facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina here.

Facts about Bosnian War 10: the characteristics of Bosnian war

The ethnic cleansing, bitter fighting and random bombarding of cities and systematic mass rape were some of the characteristics of Bosnian war.

Bosnian War Facts

Bosnian War Facts

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