10 Facts about Boston

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Let’s find out the largest city and capital of Massachusetts in Facts about Boston. Based on the report in 2014, the city proper was inhabited by 655,884 people. It spans on the area at 124 km square or 48 square miles. Based on the land area, Boston is the 24th largest city in United States and the largest one in New England. Here are other interesting facts about Boston for you:

Facts about Boston 1: the population of the people

The people who live in Boston are 4.5 million individuals. In United States, Boston is called as the 10th largest metropolitan area.

Facts about Boston 2: the population in Greater Boston

There are 7.6 million people who live in Greater Boston. Thus, it is called as the 6th largest combined Statistical area in the country. Get facts about Bolton here.

Facts about Boston

Facts about Boston

Facts about Boston 3: the first settlement in Boston

The Puritans from England established the first settlement in Boston in 1630 on the Shawmut Peninsula.

Facts about Boston 4: the important city in the American history

Boston is a very important city in the American history. There are several events which took place in Boston such as the Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston Massacre, Siege of Boston and Boston Tea Party. Get facts about Boston Tea Party here.



Facts about Boston 5: the importance of Boston

Boston is a very important city. In the past, it was used as the cultural and educational center. The people also functioned Boston as a manufacturing hub and port after the American independence.

Facts about Boston 6: Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall is very famous in Boston. People love to visit this place. There is no need to wonder that more than 20 million people coming to Faneuil Hall.

Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline

Facts about Boston 7: the economy

The economy of Boston lies on the business service, professional service, and finance. Therefore, the cost of living in Boston is a little bit higher.

Facts about Boston 8: the notable landmarks

Some of the notable landmarks in Boston include Newbury Street, Christian Science Center, Boston Public Library and Copley Square. The John Hancock Tower and the Prudential Center are the two tallest buildings in New England located in Boston.

Boston Beauty

Boston Beauty

Facts about Boston 9: the climate

You can enjoy the continental climate in Boston. In January, people experience the coldest month with the temperature at 27 degree F.

Facts about Boston 10: the annual events

Some annual events that you can spot in Boston include Boston Arts Festival at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, First Night, Italian summer feasts and Boston Early Music Festival.

Boston at Night

Boston at Night

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