10 Facts about Boston Massacre

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One of the key histories in United States is explained in Facts about Boston Massacre.  This incident took place on 5 March 1770 on King Street by British. There were five male civilians and six injured people during the incident conducted by the British Army. Let’s find out more facts about Boston massacre in the following post below:

Facts about Boston Massacre 1: the leading patriots

Some of the leading patriots such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere propagandized the Boston Massacre to increase the hatred toward the British officials.

Facts about Boston Massacre 2: the British soldiers

Since 1768, the British soldiers were based in the Boston which served the capital for Massachusetts Bay Province because they wanted to regulate the unpopular Parliamentary legislation in the city. They tried to support and protect the British government in Boston.

Boston Massacre Image

Boston Massacre Image

Facts about Boston Massacre 3: the tense

The high tense occurred between the British soldiers and the population in Boston.  The British sentry became the subject of harassment and verbal abuse.

Facts about Boston Massacre 4: firing the crowds without orders

The British troops who were abused verbally and thrown by several objects lost their cool and began to fire the crowd without any orders.

Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre


Facts about Boston Massacre 5: the victims

During the incident, there were three people killed instantly. Two people died later and some people were injured. Find out Bleeding Kansas facts here.

Facts about Boston Massacre 6: the arrest

They were one officer, four civilians and eight soldiers arrested by the officials. All of them were charged with murder. The defender of the soldiers was John Adams who was the future American President. In the trial, John Adams could prove that six of the soldiers were not guilty. The other two soldiers were given reduced sentences even though both were charged of manslaughter.

Boston Massacre History

Boston Massacre History

Facts about Boston Massacre 7: the increased tensions

The tension increased toward the British in the 13 colonies after Paul Revere produced a colored engraving which reported, depicted and propagandized the event.

Facts about Boston Massacre 8: the importance of Boston

Boston was considered as an important city in thirteen colonies.  This shipping town was subject to various unpopular acts created by British government. One of them led into the Boston Tea Party.

Boston Massacre 1770

Boston Massacre 1770

Facts about Boston Massacre 9: the King Street

The Boston Massacre happened on the King Street. Today people recognize it as the State Street. Get facts about Bloody Sunday Selma here.

Facts about Boston Massacre 10: the American Revolution

Boston Massacre was one of the key events which contributed to the American Revolution.  The sentiment toward the British Parliamentary and King George III was increased.

Facts about Boston Massacre

Facts about Boston Massacre

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