10 Facts about Bottled Water

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the drinking water packaged in a bottle in Facts about Bottled Water. The water packaged inside the bottle can be from the mineral water, distilled water, spring water or even well water. The serving bottle can be small, medium or big depending on the amount of water. Here are other facts about bottled water for you:

Facts about Bottled Water 1: the first process of bottling water

We can say that bottled water actually is part of the beginning of human civilization when the ancient people began to transport water using vessels.

Facts about Bottled Water 2: the first bottled water process

The first water bottling started in 1622 at the Holy Well in United Kingdom.

Facts about Bottled Water

Facts about Bottled Water

Facts about Bottled Water 3: the bottled water in American colonists and Europeans

In 17th and 18th century, the bottled water was very popular for it was included as a water therapy and spa.

Facts about Bottled Water 4: Jackson’s Spa

In 1767, Jackson’s Spa was considered as the first one which distributed the bottled water in America commercially. The location of Jackson Spa was in Boston. The bottled spa was consumed by the people for they believed that it could cure any ailment and give therapeutic effect.

Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Facts about Bottled Water 5: the carbonated waters

The spring bottled water was infused with the carbonated water to increase the natural effervescence.

Facts about Bottled Water 6: the mineral water

The first United States patent for the imitation of mineral water was given to Joseph Hawkins in 1809.

Bottled Water Picture

Bottled Water Picture

Facts about Bottled Water 7: the beverage

Due to the improvement in technology, it is very easy for the industry to produce the bottled water in larger scale in 19th century. Therefore, the bottled water is used for beverage.

Facts about Bottled Water 8: the safer alternative

The people view bottled water as a safer choice for the risk of being contaminated by the typhoid and cholera is reduced.

Bottled Water Pic

Bottled Water Pic

Facts about Bottled Water 9: Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs was considered as one of the most popular bottlers in America. Every year, it manufactured more than seven million bottles. Get facts about bonds here.

Facts about Bottled Water 10: the popularity of bottled water today

Today, bottled water is very popular in the world. In United States, it is considered as the second most popular commercial beverage. Most of them are soft drinks. In 2006, the global sales of bottled water reached $60 billion. In 2008, there were 30 billion bottles of water sold in United States.

Bottled Water Facts

Bottled Water Facts

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