10 Facts about Botulism

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Let’s find out the fatal illness caused by Clostridium botulinum in facts about Botulism. Clostridium botulinum is bacteria which produces toxin. Even though this disease in rare, it can create fatal effect on the infected person. The disease rarely leads into fever or consciousness. You have to know the symptoms and treatment to avoid the disease.

Facts about Botulism 1: the beginning phase of botulism

During the beginning phase of botulism, there are several symptoms occur such as the trouble of speaking, feeling fatigues, tiredness, weakness and trouble of seeing.

Facts about Botulism 2: the next phase of botulism

After the person experiences some troubles of seeing and speaking, it may lead into the weakness in some body parts such as legs, chest muscles, and arms.

Botulism Pic

Botulism Pic

Facts about Botulism 3: the common occurrence of botulism

It is easier for the people to find the bacterial spores of botulism in the water and soil. The bacteria will produce the toxin which causes botulism in human being if the bacteria are exposed to reduced oxygen level.

Facts about Botulism 4: the foodborne botulism

When a person eats a food which contains botulism toxin, he or he is exposed to foodborne botulism.



Facts about Botulism 5: infant botulism

Another type of botulism is the infant botulism. It occurs on the infants. This condition happens when the toxin of the developed bacteria in intestine of the infants is released. The infant botulism only occurs when the kids are less than 6 months. Find out another disease in black lung facts.

Facts about Botulism 6: wound botulism

The person who likes to inject street drugs has higher risk of having wound botulism. Due to the absence of oxygen, the toxin is released by the bacterial spores which enter the wound.

Facts about Botulism

Facts about Botulism

Facts about Botulism 7: the prevention

To avoid the food borne botulism, the proper food preparation has to be made. When you cook food, it is better for you to do heating with the temperature more than 185 degree F or 85 degree C for more than five minutes to damage the toxin of botulism on the food.

Facts about Botulism 8: honey

Honey is considered as a good food for all people. However, the children with the age less than 12 months should not be fed with honey for it may contain the bacterial spores of botulism.

Botulism in Canned Food

Botulism in Canned Food

Facts about Botulism 9: antitoxin

The usage of antitoxin is considered as the primary treatment for botulism.

Facts about Botulism 10: the mechanical ventilation

In some cases, the patients need mechanical ventilation for some of them are not capable of breathing on their own. The patients will need this tool for months.

Botulism Facts

Botulism Facts

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