10 Facts about Boudicca

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Facts about Boudicca talk about the queen of British Iceni tribe. In Welsh, she was called Buddug.  This queen was famous as the leader of a revolt against the Roman Empire. Prasutagus was the husband of Boudicca. He was the leader of an independent ally of Rome.  When her husband died, his kingdom was annexed by Rome. Her daughters were raped, and Boudicca was flogged. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Boudicca below:

Facts about Boudicca 1: the revolt

Boudicca is always connected with the revolt that she made against the Rome.  The Iceni, Trinovantes and others were led by the queen during the uprising against Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus in AD 60 or 61. At that time, the governor was in the island of Anglesey for campaign.

Facts about Boudicca 2: the important symbol

Until this present day, Boudicca is still used as the cultural symbol in UK. Actually the knowledge of Boudicca was gathered from the writing of Romans because the native British literature was absent during the first millenniums.



Facts about Boudicca 3: the forgotten Boudicca

People forgot about Boudicca in middle ages. You can find no appearance of Boudicca in History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth or even the Historia Brittonum.

Facts about Boudicca 4: the reintroduction of Boudicca in British literature and history

Boudicca was reintroduced as Voadicea in 1534 by Polydore Vergil. He was able to introduce Boudicca after the work of Tacitus was discovered.

Boudicca Statue

Boudicca Statue

Facts about Boudicca 5: the story of Boudicca

The story of Boudicca is also included Chronicles (1577) by Raphael Holinshed. Get facts about Bonnie Prince Charlie here.

Facts about Boudicca 6: Bonduca

Bonduca was a play made in 1610. It was inspired from the story of Boudicca. The creator of this play was Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. Both were the younger contemporaries of Shakespeare.

Boudicca Pic

Boudicca Pic

Facts about Boudicca 7: a popular poem

A popular poem was made based on the inspiration of Boudicca. In 1782, Boadicea, an ode is made by William Cowper.

Facts about Boudicca 8: Queen Victoria

During the Victorian era, Boudicca was famous because her name has something to do with Queen Victoria. There were several ships using her name.

Boudicca Facts

Boudicca Facts

Facts about Boudicca 9: Thomas Thornycroft

Thomas Thornycroft created a statue of Boudicca along with her daughters. Sir John, the son of Thornycroft covered the statue in Bronze in 1902. Get facts about Bloody Mary here.

Facts about Boudicca 10: Battle Bridge

Battle Bridge was the former name of the area of King’s Cross, London.   The name reminds the people with the major battle site between Boudicca and her Iceni tribe with the Romans.

Facts about Boudicca

Facts about Boudicca

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