10 Facts about Boulogne

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Facts about Boulogne present the information about the city located in Northern France. Boulogne is the largest fishing port in France. The specialty of this fishing port is for herring. In the past, the Romans used Boulogne as the main port to communicate and trade with Britain. During the middle Ages, it was used as the center of an eponymous county in Kingdom of France. Here are some interesting facts about Boulogne for you:

Facts about Boulogne 1: belfry

Boulogne houses a belfry dated back in 12th century.  It is included in World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

Facts about Boulogne 2: the tourist attractions in Boulogne

Boulogne is a home to various interesting places and attractions. You can visit the Gothic church of St. Nicholas where you can find the statues dated back in 15th century. The medieval walls in the city were dated from 13th century. It has the length at 1,500 metres.

Boulogne Facts

Boulogne Facts

Facts about Boulogne 3: Cathedral basilica of Notre-Dame

You can also visit Cathedral basilica of Notre-Dame in Boulogne. You can find the Gothic, Romanesque and Roman elements on the basilica. It also houses a 100 meter dome.

Facts about Boulogne 4: Nausicaä

Nausicaä is another interesting place to visit in Boulogne.  This French National Sea Center was opened in 1991. You can find out the management and exploitation of marine resources such as coastal planning, aquaculture, fisheries, tourism and many more here. Check Facts about Bournemouth here.

Facts about Boulogne

Facts about Boulogne

Facts about Boulogne 5: other perfect places to visit

Boulogne is also a home of the Colonne de la Grande Armée and The Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. The latter one was established during the Great War, while the former one houses the Statue of Napoleon I.

Facts about Boulogne 6: the media

You can find various media in Boulogne. Virgin Radio Côte d’Opale and France Bleu Nord are included in radio media.



Facts about Boulogne 7: the economy

Fishing is considered as the main economy in Boulogne. More than 7,000 people live their life from fishing

Facts about Boulogne 8: Boulogne Port

If you are in Boulogne, you can find Pasteur Institute and French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea.

Boulogne Image

Boulogne Image

Facts about Boulogne 9: US Boulogne Côte d’Opale

US Boulogne Côte d’Opale is considered as the football club in Boulogne. It was established in 1898 and was considered as the oldest one in France. Get facts about Abingdon here.

Facts about Boulogne 10: cuisine

The cuisine of Boulogne is influenced by American and European cuisine. You have to taste the local food such as the smoked herring called Kipper, Sandwich américain and Welsh rarebit.

Boulogne France

Boulogne France

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