10 Facts about Bournemouth

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Get the interesting information about a coastal resort town in Facts about Bournemouth. This town is inhabited by 183,491 people based on 2011 census. The location of this town is to the east of Jurassic Coat.  Bournemouth along with Christchurch and Poole creates South East Dorset conurbation. It is a house of 465,000 people. Here are other interesting facts about Bournemouth:

Facts about Bournemouth 1: the old area of Bournemouth

Now Bournemouth is a coastal town. In the past, it was only a deserted land that the smugglers and fishermen visited it occasionally before Lewis Tregonwell discovered the town in 1810.

Facts about Bournemouth 2: the fame

Bournemouth gained a national recognition when it appeared in The Spas of England in Dr Granville’s book.  In the first stage, Bournemouth was marketed as a health resort.

Bournemouth at Night

Bournemouth at Night

Facts about Bournemouth 3: the recognition of the people

The people began to recognize Bournemouth more in 1870 after the railway was arrived here.

Facts about Bournemouth 4: the Victorian architecture

You can enjoy a fabulous Victorian architecture by visiting Bournemouth. You just have to go to the town center to check it. The local landmark is St Peter’s Church with 62 meter spire.

Facts about Bournemouth

Facts about Bournemouth

Facts about Bournemouth 5: the wonderful location

The location of Bournemouth is totally amazing. There is no need to wonder that many people love to come to this place. It is estimated that Bournemouth is visited by five million tourists. The famous ones from Bournemouth include the nightlife and beaches. Check facts about Bovey Tracey here.

Facts about Bournemouth 6: the economy

The economy of the people is not only seen from the tourism. It also has financial sector and business center.

Bournemouth Picture

Bournemouth Picture

Facts about Bournemouth 7: Keith Rawlings

Keith Rawlings is a former mayor and local author who stated that Bournemouth has a wonderful youth culture because of school and university populations.

Facts about Bournemouth 8: the nightlife

The nightlife in Bournemouth is very famous in United Kingdom. It serves you with restaurants, bars and clubs.

Bournemouth Facts

Bournemouth Facts

Facts about Bournemouth 9: the famous venues

There are many famous venues to visit in Bournemouth. The venues in Grade II listed building include the O2 and Pavilion. In the past, the O2 was used to hold circus. In 1929, the Pavilion was used as a tea room and concert hall. Get facts about Bordeaux here.

Facts about Bournemouth 10: The Russell-Cotes Museum

If you are interested with art and painting, you have to go to The Russell-Cotes Museum. In 1910, the construction of this museum completed. You can find out a lot of collections of paintings and artifacts that Merton Russell-Cotes and his wife had during their journey around the world.

Bournemouth Beaches

Bournemouth Beaches

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