10 Facts about Bovey Tracey

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Get Facts about Bovey Tracey if you want to know the small town located in Devon, England. The famous slogan of this town is The Gateway to the Moor for the town is located at the edge of Dartmoor. The local people often call this town as Bovey. The electoral ward of Bovey is considered as the center of this village. The ward was a house of 7,721 people based on 2011 census. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bovey Tracey below:

Facts about Bovey Tracey 1: the name of Bovey

The name of Bovey Tracey was taken from the name of River Bovey. If you check out the Domesday Book, Bovey Tracey was called Bovi or Buui.

Facts about Bovey Tracey 2: the name Tracey

The name Tracey was taken from the de Tracey family. After the Norman Conquest, the lords of the manor in Bovey were the de Tracey family. In 1309, the town was called Bovitracy.

Bovey Tracey Devon

Bovey Tracey Devon

Facts about Bovey Tracey 3: William de Tracy

William de Tracy was one of the members of de Tracey family. In 1170, Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral was murdered and the William was mixed up in the murder.  Due to the murder, William had to reconstruct the parish church of Saint Thomas, Saint Paul and Saint Peter in Canterbury.

Facts about Bovey Tracey 4: Henry de Tracey

A borough was created by Henry de Tracey in Bovey in the beginning of 13th century. This man got the permission to hold an annual 3 day fair and a weekly market in Bovey.


Bovey Tracey Town

Bovey Tracey Town

Facts about Bovey Tracey 5: Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell found out a number of officers of Lord Wentworth playing card in an inn when he and his roundhead troops arrived at Bovey Tracey on 9 January 1646 during the English Civil War. Get facts about Bern here.

Facts about Bovey Tracey 6: the escaped officers

Even though many officers of Lord Wentworth escaped, there were 400 horses captured by Cromwell. There was a legend about the escape of the Royalist troops of Wentworth. It was believed that the poorly paid roundheads were distracted by the coins that the Royalist threw on the windows.

Bovey Tracey

Bovey Tracey

Facts about Bovey Tracey 7: the railway station

On 26 June 1866, the first railways station in Bovey Tracey was opened.

Facts about Bovey Tracey 8: the famous grade I listed building

The famous grade I listed building in Bovey Tracey is the parish church.

Bovey Tracey Facts

Bovey Tracey Facts

Facts about Bovey Tracey 9: East Dartmoor Baptist Church

In 1824, East Dartmoor Baptist Church was established on the Hind Street. Today, it is included in grade II listed building. Get facts about Boston here.

Facts about Bovey Tracey 10: the old Bovey railway station

There are volunteers who open and operate the old Bovey railway station in the summer season.

Facts about Bovey Tracey

Facts about Bovey Tracey

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