10 Facts about Bow Wow

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Facts about Bow Wow tell about the famous American actor, rapper and TV host. He was born on 9 March 1987 as Shad Gregory Moss. His stage name is Bow Wow. His former stage name is Lil’ Bow Wow. When he was 13 years old, Bow Wow released his first album with the title Beware of Dog. Then he released another album Doggy Bag 2001. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bow Wow below:

Facts about Bow Wow 1: the third album

Can you mention the third album of Bow Wow? It was Unleashed released in 2003. This album was special for it is considered as the first album that he released under the name Bow Wow. He omitted the Lil’s in his name.

Facts about Bow Wow 2: the movie appearance

As I have stated before, Bow Wow is also an actor. All About the Benjamins in 2002 was considered as the first move appearance for Bow Wow. He was not the primary cast in movie.

Bow Wow Facts

Bow Wow Facts

Facts about Bow Wow 3: the lead role

Finally, he got a lead role in Like Mike as his debut movie. Other movies where he had the main roles were Roll Bounce in 2005 and Johnson Family Vacation in 2004.

Facts about Bow Wow 4: the supporting role

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in 2006 also features Bow Wow. He became the supporting character in this famous movie.

Facts about Bow Wow

Facts about Bow Wow

Facts about Bow Wow 5: TV series

Bow Wow also took part in some TV series such as Entourage where he appeared for five episodes. You can also find him in CSI: Cyber as Brody Nelson.

Facts about Bow Wow 6: Underrated

Underrated is the title of the album that Bow Wow is currently working today. Check facts about Blake Lively here.

Bow Wow

Bow Wow

Facts about Bow Wow 7: the place of birth

Let’s find out the place of birth of Bow Wow. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, US. His father is Alfonso Preston Moss and his mother is Teresa Rena Caldwell.

Facts about Bow Wow 8: rapper

Bow Wow was interested with rap when he was only three years old.

Bow Wow Rapper

Bow Wow Rapper

Facts about Bow Wow 9: the beginning of rapping activity

When he was six years old, he began his rapping activity for recreational purposes. He chose the moniker Kid Gangsta. Get facts about Beyonce here.

Facts about Bow Wow 10: Snoop Dogg

The name Lil’ Bow Wow was the name given by Snoop Dogg when this famous rapper spotted him at a concert in Los Angeles in 1993. He career was launched Jermaine Dupri who was a record producer.

Bow Wow Picture

Bow Wow Picture

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