10 Facts about Bowel Cancer

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Get the detail information about the cancer which begins in the large bowel in Facts about Bowel Cancer. Sometimes, this cancer is called the rectal cancer or color cancer depending on the starting location of the cancer. The small bowel cancer is used to call the cancer which starts on the small intestine. The risk of having large bowel cancer is higher than the small bowel cancer. Here are other facts about bowel cancer for you:

Facts about Bowel Cancer 1: the common type of cancer

One of the common types of cancers that you can find in United Kingdom is bowel cancer. There are 400,000 new cases of bowel cancer diagnosed in United Kingdom per year.

Facts about Bowel Cancer 2: the risk of developing bowel cancer

During the lifetime, it is estimated that one of 20 people who live in United Kingdom will develop the bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer

Facts about Bowel Cancer 3: the common symptoms

Let’s find out the common symptoms of bowel cancer. It includes the changes in bowel habit, blood in the feces and abdominal pains. However, these symptoms can be the signs of other diseases too.

Facts about Bowel Cancer 4: the risk of having bowel cancer

The risk of having bowel cancer is very high among the people who are more than 60 years old.  The reports find out that nine of 10 people who have bowel cancer are more than 60s.

Facts about Bowel Cancer

Facts about Bowel Cancer

Facts about Bowel Cancer 5:    abdominal pain

The abdominal pain that the people experience usually involve with the weight loss and reduction of them among of food consumed every day. Get facts about bone cancer here.

Facts about Bowel Cancer 6: a test

If you experience the common symptoms of bowel cancer, it is better for you have a test. The simple examination will be employed by the general practitioner. Or you can do a simple test in the hospital for detail result.

Bowel Cancer Picture

Bowel Cancer Picture

Facts about Bowel Cancer 7: the diet

The diet also affects the risk of having bowel cancer. The people with low fiber consumption and high processed meat consumption are at high risk of having bowel cancer.

Facts about Bowel Cancer 8: the weight

The obese and overweight person has higher risk of bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer Image

Bowel Cancer Image

Facts about Bowel Cancer 9: the other risk factors

The other risk factors include the smoking habit, alcohol consumption, low exercise, and the family history.

Facts about Bowel Cancer 10: the primary treatment for bowel cancer

Having surgery is considered as the primary treatment for bowel cancer. The doctor will remove the cancer cells. Other treatments include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biological treatment. Find out Bladder cancer facts here.

Bowel Cancer Facts

Bowel Cancer Facts

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