10 Facts about Bowling

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One of the interesting sports is explained in Facts about Bowling. Bowling is also conducted by people for leisure activities. This game is very easy to play. You just have to throw or roll the bowling ball to hit the target. The games are available in some pin bowling variations. You have to check out the rule to win in the bowling game. Here are other detail facts about bowling for you:

Facts about Bowling 1: the rules or pin bowling and target bowling variations

If you play the target bowling variation, you have to make the ball to get close to the mark. If you want to be a winner in the pin bowling variation, you can have to knock over the pins.

Facts about Bowling 2: the surface of target bowling

If you are interested to play the target bowling variation, the surface can be made of synthetic material, gravel or grass materials.

Facts about Bowling

Facts about Bowling

Facts about Bowling 3: the pin bowling variations

The people who play the pin bowling variations play this game on a flat surface. People can play this game in some types of techniques.

Facts about Bowling 4: the types of pin bowling

Can you mention the types of pin bowling? They include the nine-pin, ten-pin, duckpin, candlepin, and five-pin bowling.



Facts about Bowling 5: the target bowling

The target bowling can be conducted indoor or even outdoor. The types of target bowling include boules, petangue, carpet bowls, bocce and bowls. Find out facts about bike riding here.

Facts about Bowling 6: the popularity

Bowling is considered as a very popular sport in the world. It is played in more than ninety countries in the world and is enjoyed by more than 100 million people.

Bowling Picture

Bowling Picture

Facts about Bowling 7: the ball and rotation

To win in the bowling game, the player should take a note on the rotation and the ball. They have to think about the lane pattern. It can be long, medium or short.

Facts about Bowling 8: the oiled surface

The bowling sport is often conducted on oiled surface. The reaction and rotation of the ball will be different due to the more friction on the surface. The lane material also affects its rotation. The synthetic and wood are considered as the most common lane materials.

Bowling Sport

Bowling Sport

Facts about Bowling 9: an anaerobic type

Bowling is not only a leisure activity. It is also a physical exercise. It is included in anaerobic sport. It means that playing bowling is similar with walking. You can work on the muscle and burn calories by playing bowling. Get facts about BMX here.

Facts about Bowling 10: psychosocial benefits

Bowling also has psychosocial benefits. You can get more friends by playing bowling.

Bowling Facts

Bowling Facts

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