10 Facts about Bowness

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Let’s check out the former town in west Calgary, Canada in Facts about Bowness.  In 1964, it was included into the City of Calgary. This neighborhood shares border with other areas such as Stoney Trail to the west and Bow River to the north. Here are other interesting facts about Facts about Bowness.

Facts about Bowness 1: Bowness Park

Bowness Park is considered as the most popular Park in the neighborhood. It is located on the northwest end.

Facts about Bowness 2: the location of the park

Let’s find out the location of the park. You can find it located between a lagoon and Bow River. To the southeast, Bowness Park shares border with Edworthy Park.

Facts about Bowness

Facts about Bowness

Facts about Bowness 3: the popularity of the Bowness Park

As I have stated before, Bowness Park is very popular in Canada. During the winter season, people love to enjoy ice skating.  During the summer season, they can enjoy boating, summer sports and picnics.

Facts about Bowness 4: the residents of Bowness

The people who inhabit Bowness are called Bownesians.

Bowness Town

Bowness Town

Facts about Bowness 5: the social issues

There are several social issues that Bowness has to deal with due to the amalgamation of this town into the City of Calgary. Bowness is not only a home to an unfortunate people, but there are also rich people who live here. Therefore, the socioeconomic problems are faced by the people due to the diversity. Find out Bovey Tracey facts here.

Facts about Bowness 6: the diversity of house price

The diversity in the socioeconomic of the people can be seen on the house pricing in Bowness. The former military house located just few blocks away from the Bow River are less expensive, while the housing located along the Bow River is very expensive.

Bowness Picture

Bowness Picture

Facts about Bowness 7: the annual events

There are several annual events conducted in Bowness such as the Harvest Fair, Tour de Bowness, Lions Club Stampede Parade and Breakfast.

Facts about Bowness 8: the population of Bowness

Bowness was inhabited by 11,012 people based on the municipal census in 2012. In 2011, it was inhabited by 10,700. The population in the neighborhood increased 2.9 percent.

Bowness Facts

Bowness Facts

Facts about Bowness 9: the land area

The land area of Bowness is 2.2 square miles or 5.6 km square. In 2000, it was found out that the median household income for the Bowness people was $40,468. Get facts about Abingdon here.

Facts about Bowness 10: Bowness High School

Bowness High School was established before this town was amalgamated into the city of Calgary. Most students go to Bowness High School. Belevedere Parkway Elementary, Bowcroft Elementary, and Thomas B. Riley Junior High are some of the elementary and junior high schools in Bowness.



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