10 Facts about Bowser Jr

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If you are interested with the character in Mario series, check Facts about Bowser Jr. The word Bowser Jr, is often used to call the debut appearance of Bowser Jr. Who is he? He was the son of Bowser. In the Mario series, Bowser Jr is considered as the secondary antagonist. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bowser Jr below:

Facts about Bowser Jr 1: the first appearance of Bowser Jr

Can you tell me the first appearance of Bowser Jr? You can find him in Super Mario Sunshine. He was a bad guy. He gave hand to his father when kidnapping Prince Peach. In many subsequent games, you can find Bowser Jr fought with Luigi and Mario.

Facts about Bowser Jr 2: what does he want?

Actually Bowser Jr does not have any intention to do bad thing. He just wants to follow the evil will of his father. When Bowser and Bowser Jr have an interaction, the emotional side can be perceived.

Facts about Bowser Jr

Facts about Bowser Jr

Facts about Bowser Jr 3: the appearance

Bowser Jr has yellow skin with light green head. At the upper corner, you can find one fang like tooth.  The tan skin is lack in Bowser Jr.

Facts about Bowser Jr 4: the other body parts

Bowser Jr has large snout with puffy and wide mouth. He also has padded feet and ribbed stomach. The circular eyes that Bower Jr has are in black color. At the head, you can find small spikes.

Bowser Jr Tribute

Bowser Jr Tribute

Facts about Bowser Jr 5: the shells and short spikes

The short spikes of Bowser Jr are adorned with orange rings. The green shell that it has features the white encasing.

Facts about Bowser Jr 6: a strong character

Bowser Jr is considered as a strong character in the Mario Series. He was able to carry Princess Peach easily in the Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Sunshine. Check facts about Allison Argent here.

Bowser Jr Picture

Bowser Jr Picture

Facts about Bowser Jr 7: the Koopa King

The physical appearance of Bowser Jr is similar with Koopa King.  The Baby Bowser looks identical with Bowser Jr in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The difference can be seen on the plain white bandana.

Facts about Bowser Jr 8: the size of Bowser Jr

The size of Bowser Jr is very small. In Super Mario Sunshine, he was considered as the smallest character. But he was growing in Super Mario Galaxy. Get facts about Boo Radley here.

Bowser Jr Facts

Bowser Jr Facts

Facts about Bowser Jr 9: left handed character

Do you know that Bowser Jr is a left handed character? But you can have it in right handed style by default.

Facts about Bowser Jr 10: the personality

Bowser Jr can be described as an energetic and bold trouble maker.

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr

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