10 Facts about Box Hill

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The suburb of Melbourne, Victoria is explained in Facts about Box Hill. Have you ever visited Box Hill before? This Australian suburb was the home of 9,672 people based on the census conducted in 2011. It is located 8.7 miles east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. In the eastern suburbs, Box Hill is considered as a central hub. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Box Hill below:

Facts about Box Hill 1: the population

Box Hill is famous as with the high numbers of Asian descent and Asian birth. There is no need to wonder that you can find a lot of Asian retailers and restaurants in Box Hill.

Facts about Box Hill 2: the transportation

The transportation in Box Hill serves as the major one in the eastern suburbs. You can find different bus lines, train station and 109 tram lines.

Facts about Box Hill

Facts about Box Hill

Facts about Box Hill 3: the shopping centers

You can find a lot of shopping centers in Box Hill. You can go to EB Games, Dick Smith, Whitehorse Road, The Reject Shop, and Centro Box Hill.

Facts about Box Hill 4: the merged shopping centers

There were two shopping centers merged in the end of 2007 in Box Hill. Centro Box Hill now is called as South, while the former Centro Whitehorse is called north. The South Building is considered as the center management.

Box Hill

Box Hill

Facts about Box Hill 5: the recreational services

Box Hill has several recreational services such as 6th Box Hill, 11th Box Hill, 1st Mont Albert Scout Groups and 10th/13th Box Hill. Get facts about Bowness here.

Facts about Box Hill 6: the multicultural diversity

If you want to know about the multicultural diversity, you can check it in Box Hill. Therefore, people can find out different international cuisines in various cafes and restaurants.

Box Hill Pic

Box Hill Pic

Facts about Box Hill 7: the ethnicities

Based on the census in 2011, 42.9 percent were the Australian born. 20.4 percent of the Box Hill people were Chinese born people.

Facts about Box Hill 8: the schools

There are several schools located in Box Hills such as Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Box Hill High School, Kingswood College and Koonung Secondary College.

Box Hill Facts

Box Hill Facts

Facts about Box Hill 9: The Box Hill Hawks

The football club in Box Hill is The Box Hill Hawks. The White Horse is called as the mascot of this club. In the past, it was known as the Mustangs. Get facts about Bournemouth here.

Facts about Box Hill 10: the gold course

You can also enjoy a golf course in Box Hill. It is a home of 18 whole gold courses. You just have to go to 202 Stations Street.

Box Hill Australia

Box Hill Australia

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