10 Facts about Box Turtles

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Facts about Box Turtles tell you about the turtles native to North America such as in Mexico and United States. The box turtles are nicknamed box tortoises. They are included in genus Terrepene. They are not included in the tortoise family because box turtles are included in the American pond turtle family. They are the terrestrial members. Here are some interesting facts about box turtles below:

Facts about Box Turtles 1: a domed shell

Most box turtles have a domed shell.  To escape from the predators, the box turtles are able to close the shell tightly for it is hinged at the bottom part.

Facts about Box Turtles 2: a popular pet

It is very interesting to know that box turtle is a popular pet today. If you are interested to have it as a pet, ensure that you can perform the complex maintenance. Check facts about box jellyfish here.

Facts about Box Turtles

Facts about Box Turtles

Facts about Box Turtles 3: the eyes of male and female box turtles

The eyes of male and female box turtles are very different. The males have the orange or red eye color. The female box turtles have the brown yellowish eye color.

Facts about Box Turtles 4: the plastron

If you want to differentiate between the male and female box turtles, you have to check the plastron. The concave area of male box turtles is located in behind the hinge.

Box Turtles

Box Turtles

Facts about Box Turtles 5: the domed box turtles

All species of box turtles are domed. The medial keel is owned by T. caroline species.  This feature is not seen in other species.

Facts about Box Turtles 6: the mating process

During the mating process, the male box turtles will climb at the top body of female box turtles.

Box Turtles Facts

Box Turtles Facts

Facts about Box Turtles 7: the life span

On average, box turtles can live around 50 years. You can find some of them living more than 100 years.

Facts about Box Turtles 8: the eggs of box turtles

The weight of box turtle eggs is around 5 to 100 grams. The length of the eggs is around 2 till4 cm. They are oblong and flexible.

Box Turtle

Box Turtle

Facts about Box Turtles 9: the defense mechanism

To defend themselves from predations, the box turtles will hide, close the shell and bite them.

Facts about Box Turtles 10: the risk of death

The adult box turtles have smaller risk of death than the small box turtles. The small sized of turtles have weaker and smaller plastron and carapace.

Box Turtles Image

Box Turtles Image

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