10 Facts about Boxers

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Let’s find the short haired dogs in Facts about Boxers. The breed has a medium sized body. Most boxers have brindle or fawn tone. The coat is tight fitting, soft and smooth. It was developed in Germany.  The breed may have white marking, but some of them do not have any marking. Here are other interesting facts about boxers for you:

Facts about Boxers 1: the appearance of boxers

The boxers have strong jaws, square muzzles, short and broad skull. The dogs will be able to hunt the large prey for they have powerful and strong bite.

Facts about Boxers 2: the origin of the breed

Boxer is included in a working group breed. It was taken from the Old English bulldog.

 Facts about Boxers

Facts about Boxers

Facts about Boxers 3: the first exhibition of boxers

In 1895, Boxers were introduced for the first time in Munich at a dog show of Saint Bernards. Then the people established a boxer club in the following year.

Facts about Boxers 4: the popularity of boxers

If you think that boxers are not popular among the pet lovers, you are wrong. It takes the seventh place of the most popular dog breed in United States based on the statistics of American Kennel Club in 2013.



Facts about Boxers 5: the unique feature of boxers

The interesting feature of boxers can be found on the head. The perfect boxer is seen from the great proportion of the body.   The ratio of the muzzle and head should be 1:3.

Facts about Boxers 6: the original purpose of boxer breed

In the past time, the people used boxers as a cropped and docked breed. Some countries still practice it. Now the activities of docking the tail as well as cropping the ears are prohibited because of the pressure from the animal right groups, general public and veterinary association. Find out facts about Boston Terriers here.

Boxers Images

Boxers Images

Facts about Boxers 7: the tail docking banning

Due to the tail docking ban in many parts of the world, UK developed naturally short tailed boxers to anticipate it.

Facts about Boxers 8: the Kennel Club

In 1998, the Kennel Club included boxers into its registry. There is no need to wonder that you can find the bobtail or short tail boxers in many parts of the world.



Facts about Boxers 9: the cropped ears

The cosmetic cropping on the ears is prohibited today. But it’s still common to spot the short cropped eared boxers in various shows in US and Canada as of 2012. Get facts about border collies here.

Facts about Boxers 10: coat and color

The common colors of boxers are brindle and fawn. They have the smooth and shining coat.

Boxers Facts

Boxers Facts

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