10 Facts about Boxing

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One of the famous sports in the world in explained in Facts about Boxing. Boxing is included as a combat and martial art sport. When people do boxing, they will wear the gloved hands to punch other. This sport involves with two persons punching each other. Let’s find out more interesting facts about boxing below:

Facts about Boxing 1: the goal of boxing

Can you guess the main goal of boxing? It is used to knock down the rival in the ring.

Facts about Boxing 2: the international game

Boxing receives the international recognition from the people in the world.  The amateur boxing competition can be seen in Commonwealth, Olympic Sport and World Championships.

Boxing Facts

Boxing Facts

Facts about Boxing 3: the rounds

Boxing game is divided by rounds. A round is used to call a series of one to three minutes of intervals. The supervision of this game on the ring is conducted by the referee.

Facts about Boxing 4: the winner and lower

The winner and loser in the boxing competition are decided based on the scorecards of the judges at the end of the competition. The referee has the job to disqualify the boxer if he breaks the rule or even decides whether the boxer is incapable of continuing the game.

Facts about Boxing

Facts about Boxing

Facts about Boxing 5: draw

The boxing competition may end up in draw if the score given by the judges for both boxers are similar.

Facts about Boxing 6: the history of Boxing

The history of boxing as a sport can be traced back in BC 688 as an Olympic Game in ancient Greek. In Great Britain Boxing turned into a prizefight in the 16th and 18th century. In the mid 19th century, boxing was transformed into a modern boxing in Great Britain and US.



Facts about Boxing 7: the high amount of cash

The money is the main motivation of the people to do boxing in 17th and 19th century. The gate was controlled by the promoters. The audiences of boxing will bet on the result of the game, while the fighters tried to get the prize money.

Facts about Boxing 8: an Olympic sport

In 1908, boxing was included as Olympic Sport. Now the fighters can compete in the amateur boxing. Get facts about bowling here.

Boxing Picture

Boxing Picture

Facts about Boxing 9: the first female boxer

Can you tell me the first female boxer was earned gold medal in Olympic game? She is Nicola Adam.

Facts about Boxing 10: the amateur boxing

During the amateur boxing competition, the fighters usually only have three to four rounds. The protective headgear should be worn during the competition for it can decrease the negative impact of knockouts, knockdowns and injuries. Get facts about Borini here.

Boxing Image

Boxing Image

Are you impressed after reading facts about boxing?

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