10 Facts about Boxing Day

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Get the interesting Facts about Boxing Day in the below post. The celebration of the Boxing Day occurs in the following day of Christmas where the employers and bosses will give tradesmen and servants a Christmas box or gifts. It is considered as a traditional celebration. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Boxing Day by reading the following post below:

Facts about Boxing Day 1: the celebration

Boxing Day is usually celebrated on 26 December in Barbados, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, South Africa, Jamaica, Kenya and other former British colonies. They refer the Boxing Day as a bank day.

Facts about Boxing Day 2: Day of Goodwill

In 1994, Boxing Day is called Day of Goodwill in South Africa.

Facts about Boxing Day

Facts about Boxing Day

Facts about Boxing Day 3: St. Stephen’s Day

The Catholic people call the Boxing Day as St. Stephen’s Day because of the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. The people who live in Moselle France, Finland and Italy also call it St. Stephen’s Day.

Facts about Boxing Day 4: the Boxing Day in Ireland

In Ireland, the Boxing Day is called Day of the Wren, Wren’s Day or St. Stephen’s Day.

Boxing Day Tradition

Boxing Day Tradition

Facts about Boxing Day 5: the Second Christmas Day

The Second Christmas Day is another name of Boxing Day.  It is called as the 2nd Christmas Day in the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Scandinavia and Germany.

Facts about Boxing Day 6: the name boxing name

It is not easy to find out the origin of the term boxing day. However, the Boxing Day is well depicted in the popular culture even though all of them are not definitive.

Boxing Day Pic

Boxing Day Pic

Facts about Boxing Day 7: Christmas-box

In 17th century, the term Christmas-box was used for the first time. It was used as a gift or present to give at Christmas. Get facts about birthdays here.

Facts about Boxing Day 8: the trades people in Britain

The trades people would collect the Christmas boxes during the first week of Christmas in Britain. It was considered as a custom in the country or as a gratitude for the great service in a year. This tradition was dated back in the past where the employer will give the workers the bonuses, gift or even leftover food inside a box.

Boxing Day Celebration

Boxing Day Celebration

Facts about Boxing Day 9: the middle age tradition

The needy people would be given by the wealthy people during the middle ages in the European tradition. Find out facts about Black History Month here.

Facts about Boxing Day 10: the boxing day in Australia

Boxing Day is included as a federal public holiday in Australia. Boxing Day is not considered as a public holiday in South Australia for 28 December is considered as a Proclamation day.

Boxing Day Facts

Boxing Day Facts

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