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Let’s find out a multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company in Facts about B&Q. This company is from Britain.  In the past, B&Q is called Block and Quayle. The base of the B&Q is situated in Eastleigh, England, UK. If you are interested to find out the development, founders and history of B&Q, check the detail explanation below:

Facts about B&Q 1: who were the founders of B&Q?

In 1969, Richard Block and David Quayle established this retailing company. Today, B&Q is included as a subsidiary in Kingfisher plc.

Facts about B&Q 2: the stores

The stores of B&Q are not only based on Eastleigh. You can also see their stores in Taiwan, Republic of Ireland and mainland China.



Facts about B&Q 3: the largest company

B&Q takes the record as the largest DIY retail chain in UK and China.  In the world, it takes the fourth place. The first, second and third ones are taken by The Home Depot, Lowe’s and OBI. In European countries, it is considered as the second largest DIY retail chain.

Facts about B&Q 4: the establishment of B&Q

In 1969, B&Q was formed in Southampton, England. As I have stated before, it was called Block & Quayle. The first store of this company was situated in Southampton suburb of Portswood.

B&Q Stores

B&Q Stores

Facts about B&Q 5: the expansion of B&Q

B&Q grew well. In 1979, B&Q had 26 stores located in UK. However, the co founders of B&Q decided to leave the company. In 1976, Block left B&Q. Quayle decided to leave in 1982. Check Bord na Mona facts here.

Facts about B&Q 6: the growth of B&Q

The growth of B&Q can be seen from the expansions, acquisitions and mergers.

B&Q Pic

B&Q Pic

Facts about B&Q 7: the new trading formers

There were two kinds of trading formats developed of B&Q. Both are the AutoCentres and HomeCentres. The latter one is about retailing furniture, soft furniture, lighting, flooring and bathroom.

Facts about B&Q 8: the new format store

The Depot was considered as the new format store of B&Q. It was opened by the company in the mid 1990s. However, The Depot was renamed into B&Q Depot.

B&Q Facts

B&Q Facts

Facts about B&Q 9: B&Q in Taiwan

B&Q in Taiwan is considered as the first overseas store.  The parent company, Kingfisher plc cooperated with B&Q to open the store in the country in 1995. Get facts about Atari here.

Facts about B&Q 10: the acquisition

B&Q also did several acquisitions to enlarge the company and stores. The leading chain of DIY stores in Poland, NOMI was acquired by B&Q in 1998.

Facts about B&Q

Facts about B&Q

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