10 Facts about Braces

Tuesday, August 18th 2015. | Medical

Facts about Braces talk about the dental braces.  The braces are called in various names such as cases and orthodontic cases. The main function of these dental braces is to increase the dental health and straighten the teeth. The braces are very important for the people who want to have a wonderful smile due to the neat teeth. Here are other facts about braces for you:

Facts about Braces 1: why do people wear braces?

The braces are useful to fix the flaws on the jaws and teeth. It can repair overbites, malocclusions, underbites, crooked teeth, cross bites, deep bites and open bites.

Facts about Braces 2: the benefits of braces

The braces that people wear on their teeth can be used for structural or even cosmetic benefit. It can be used to shape the jaws and teeth and to widen the jaws and palate.

Facts about Braces

Facts about Braces

Facts about Braces 3: the usage of braces in the past

The braces are not the product of the modern time. The usage of braces can be traced back in the ancient era. Hippocrates and Aristotle discovered the method to fix the dental problems and straighten the teeth in 400-300 BC.

Facts about Braces 4: the mummified ancient people

There were several mummified ancient people who used metal brands around the teeth when the archeologists discovered them.

Braces Images

Braces Images

Facts about Braces 5: the Afterlife

The dead were buried with dental appliances on their teeth by the Etruscans. This tradition was used to prevent the falling of teeth in the Afterlife. Get facts about ancient Egyptian medicine here.

Facts about Braces 6: Orthodontics

In 17th, 18th and 19th, Orthodontics began to develop in the world. The credit of modern orthodontics inventor was taken by Pierre Fauchard in 1728. He was a French dentist. He published “The Surgeon Dentist”. The book talks about the ways to straighten teeth.

Braces Facts

Braces Facts

Facts about Braces 7: system for malocclusions

The simple classification system for malocclusions was discovered by Edward Angle in the beginning of 20th century.  Today, the dentists still use this classification.

Facts about Braces 8: the traditional metal wired braces

Stainless steel is considered as the primary material to create the traditional metal wired braces. Sometimes, it is mixed with titanium.



Facts about Braces 9: the most common type braces

The most common type of braces used by the people is the traditional metal braces.

Facts about Braces 10: the clear braces

If you do not want to evoke the braces, you can pick the clean braces. It can be with the natural color of teeth.

Braces Pic

Braces Pic

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