10 Facts about Brachiosaurus

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Get the interesting information about the type of sauropod dinosaur in Facts about Brachiosaurus. In 1903, Elmer S. Riggs described Brachiosaurus for the first time.  It is included in Jurassic Morrison Formation in North America. Riggs was able to create description about Brachiosaurus from the fossils found in the present day Colorado River. It was called Grand River Canyon. Here are other interesting facts about Brachiosaurus below:

Facts about Brachiosaurus 1: the largest known dinosaur

The fossils found on the western Colorado, US was named by Riggs as Brachiosaurus altithorax. He chose the name to signify the dinosaur as the largest known one.

Facts about Brachiosaurus 2: the characteristics of sauropods

The characteristics of sauropods can be found in Brachiosaurus.  They include the small skull, long neck and large body size.

Facts about Brachiosaurus

Facts about Brachiosaurus

Facts about Brachiosaurus 3:  the unique body

Even though some body parts of Brachiosaurus resemble sauropods, you can find different proportions too in the body. The hindlimbs of Brachiosaurus are shorter than the forelimbs. Compared to other sauropods in Jurassic, it has shorter tail based on the neck proportion.

Facts about Brachiosaurus 4: the estimated size

It is not easy for us to find out the exact size of Brachiosaurus. But the experts are able to estimate the size of Brachiosaurus from the African form.

Brachiosaurus Size

Brachiosaurus Size

Facts about Brachiosaurus 5: the north American Brachiosaurus

The experts find difficulties to know the exact size of North American Brachiosaurus.  The skeleton found in North America is still in the form of a sub adult. Find out Facts about Argentinosaurus here.

Facts about Brachiosaurus 6:the estimated mass of Brachiosaurus altithorax

The estimated mass of Brachiosaurus is 38.6 short tons or 35.0 metric tons.  The current report states that it has the mass at 62.1 short tons or 56.3 metric tons.

Brachiosaurus Pic

Brachiosaurus Pic

Facts about Brachiosaurus 7: the rare sauropods

In the Morrison Formation, Brachiosaurus is an example of rare sauropods.

Facts about Brachiosaurus 8: the high browser

Brachiosaurus is defined as a high browser. Due to its large size, Brachiosaurus was able to sit at 30 feet or 9 meters off the ground when it nipped or cropped vegetation.

Brachiosaurus Facts

Brachiosaurus Facts

Facts about Brachiosaurus 9: the warm-blooded

The current report find out that Brachiosaurus was a warm blooded sauropod. Due to the big size, it was described as ectothermic sauropod in the past. Get Facts about Ankylosaurus here.

Facts about Brachiosaurus 10: the specimen

Elmer S. Riggs and his crew discovered the specimen of Brachiosaurus in 1900 at the rocks of Brushy Basin Member of Morrison Formation.

Brachiosaurus Image

Brachiosaurus Image

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