10 Facts about Bradford

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Let’s find out the metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire in Facts about Bradford. If you want to reach Bradford, it is only located 26 km northwest Wakefield and 14 km west of Leeds. In 1847, it got the status as a municipal borough. In 1897, it earned the charter as a city. Then it was included as a wide metropolitan borough due to the government reform in 1974. Here are other interesting facts about Bradford:

Facts about Bradford 1: the population

Based on the report in 2001, the Bradford included in the West Yorkshire Urban Area conurbation was the home of 1.5 million individuals. In UK, it was considered as the fourth largest urban area. There were 522,452 people who lived in the Bradford subdivision.

Facts about Bradford 2: Bradford in 19th century

In 19th century, Bradford was very famous in the world. It was a part of West Riding of Yorkshire. It was considered as the center of textile manufacture. Wool was the primary textile produced in Bradford.

Facts about Bradford

Facts about Bradford

Facts about Bradford 3: the wool capital of the world

In the past, Bradford was called as the wool capital of the world.

Facts about Bradford 4: the boomtown

Due to the increased manufacturing industries of textiles in Bradford, many people decided to live here in 19th century. Get facts about Bolton here.



Facts about Bradford 5: the decline

In the mid-20th century, the textile manufacturing in Bradford declined rapidly. There is no need to wonder that Bradford has to face the deindustrialization.

Facts about Bradford 6: the Victorian architecture

Visiting Bradford in UK is fun to do. You can enjoy amazing buildings here. Most of them are made in Victorian architecture. The famous one to visit is grand Italianate City Hall.

Bradford Image

Bradford Image

Facts about Bradford 7: the city of film

Now Bradford is called as the City of Film. You can find out different places to visit here such as Bradford City Park, National Media Museum, Cartwright Hall and Alhambra theatre. The city now boosts their tourism.

Facts about Bradford 8: the economy

Bradford has good economy growth. The report states that the worth of their economy is 8.3 billion. There are some major companies located in Bradford such as Pace Micro, Filtronic, British Wool Marketing Board, Provident Financial, and many more.

Bradford Facts

Bradford Facts

Facts about Bradford 9: Provident Financial plc

Provident Financial plc is one of the biggest employers in Bradford. It focuses on the financial service. Get facts about Boulogne here.

Facts about Bradford 10: grand Edwardian Cartwright Hall

You can visit the grand Edwardian Cartwright Hall in Lister Park. It serves you with art gallery.

Bradford Beauty

Bradford Beauty

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