10 Facts about Bradgate Park

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If you are interested to know the public park located in Charnwood Forest, check Facts about Bradgate Park.  The total area of the park is 3 km square or 850 acres. The exact location of this park is in Leicestershire, England. This park is fabulous for it sits in the middle of the Swithland, Woodhouse Eaves and Newtown Linford. Here are other interesting facts about Bradgate Park:

Facts about Bradgate Park 1: the famous landmarks in Bradgate Park

Let’s find out the popular landmarks in Bradgate Park.  You can find the war memorial and Old John. Both are located on the northeast of Swithland Wood.

Facts about Bradgate Park 2: the landscape of Bradgate Park

The landscape of Bradgate Park is fabulous. You can find out a lot of grasses and rocky moorland. Some parts of the park are not accessible for public for they are enclosed by the stone walls. You can find the mixed deciduous and pine on the woodland of Bradgate Park.

Bradgate Park Beauty

Bradgate Park Beauty

Facts about Bradgate Park 3: the ancient oaks

If you visit Bradgate Park, you can find out different kinds of ancient oak specimens. Some of them are dated back years ago. Get Bora Bora facts here.

Facts about Bradgate Park 4: the animal life

The animal life in Bradgate Park is diverse. It is the house of fallow deer, red deer, rooks, and wildfowl.  Many birds like to live in the parks due to the isolated nesting areas that this park provides.

Facts about Bradgate Park

Facts about Bradgate Park

Facts about Bradgate Park 5: the open area of Bradgate Park

If you are in the open area of Bradgate Park, you can spot different species of birds such as meadow pipit, skylark, reed bunting and yellowhammer.

Facts about Bradgate Park 6: Bradgate House

Another sight in Bradgate Park is the ruins of Bradgate House. Leicester Polytechnic’s School of Pharmacy built the house during the World War II. It was used for medicinal function.

Bradgate Park Picture

Bradgate Park Picture

Facts about Bradgate Park 7: the number of deer in Bradgate Park

People worry about the decreasing number of deer in the park. The report states that it is the home of 450 deer in 2015. But the number decreases due to the dogs which chase deer.

Facts about Bradgate Park 8: the opening and closing time

If you are interested to visit Bradgate Park, it is open from dawn to dusk all year around.

Bradgate Park Image

Bradgate Park Image

Facts about Bradgate Park 9: Deer Barn

Deer Barn is the name of the center of the Bradgate Park. The location is close to Bradgate House. Another center is at Newtown Linford. Find Box Hill facts here.

Facts about Bradgate Park 10: by bus

It is okay for you to visit the park by bus.  The bus will stop at Newtown Linford.

Bradgate Park Facts

Bradgate Park Facts

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