10 Facts about Brahmins

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Facts about Brahmins tell you about the Varna in Vedic Hinduism. The word gotras is used to call the communities of Brahmin for it is separated in different communities. The spiritual knowledge from the Brahman is attained by the Brahmin teachers and priests.  The people who want to hold religious rituals at houses or temples should call the Brahmin to perform it. The Brahmin also has the ability to train others about the sacred rituals and Vedas. Here are other facts about Brahmin below:

Facts about Brahmins 1: the priesthood

The priesthood of Brahmin usually is inherited within the families. It is not easy for a person to become a good Brahmin if he does not learn the practice since childhood. At the early age, the student should learn the Vedas.

Facts about Brahmins 2: the warriors

There were several warriors who came from Brahmin caste. The son of Brahmin sage Parashara named Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa is considered as a warrior.

Brahmins Facts

Brahmins Facts

Facts about Brahmins 3: Brahmin dynasty

Some of the notable Brahmin dynasty included Sena Dynasty, Kanva dynasty and Sunga Empire. Brahmins also governed or even ruled many small principalities in the sub Indian continent.

Facts about Brahmins 4: the clerical positions

Let’s find out the clerical positions of Brahmins. The performer of seasonal ceremonies is Rtvij.  The spiritual teacher is Upadhyaya or Acharya. The performer of domestic ceremony is Purohita or Swami.

Brahmins Life

Brahmins Life

Facts about Brahmins 5: the requirement to become a Brahmin

A person can become the Brahmin if they can fulfill the five requirements such as mantra, Varna, jati, paditya and sila.

Facts about Brahmins 6: the castes of Brahmins

There are two regional groups for the caste of Brahmins.  The first one is Pancha-Dravida Brahmins. They are from south area of Vindhya Mountains. The second one is the Pancha-Gauda Brahmins. They are from the north part of Vindhya Mountains. Get ancient Hinduism facts here.

Facts about Brahmins

Facts about Brahmins

Facts about Brahmins 7: the population

Brahmin only occupies five perfect of all Indian people based on the report in 2005-2007. It was based on CSDC’s surveys.

Facts about Brahmins 8: the Telugu Brahmins

There are four groups in Telugu Brahmins. Those are Vaikhanasa, Dravida Brahmins, Niyogi and Vaidiki Brahmins.



Facts about Brahmins 9: Bahun

The Hill Brahmin or Pahari is called Bahun in Nepal.  In Hinduism, they are the priests, scholars and educators.

Facts about Brahmins 10: Pancha Gauda

Pancha Gauda is used to call the Brahmins who spread to the West, East and North East. They were from Utkala, Kanyakubja, Sarasvata, Gauda, and Mithila. Find out another religions in Baha’i facts.

Brahmins Picture

Brahmins Picture

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