10 Facts about Brain

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The main organ in the human nervous system is explained in Facts about Brain. The skull protects the brain for it is located inside our head. Human being is special for the brain has more cerebral cortex if you compare it with other mammals. You can compare the brain of human being with the largest animals such as elephants and whales. If you compare the brain of bottlenose dolphins and human brains, it is almost as twice as large of the brain of the dolphin. Get more interesting Facts about Brain below:

Facts about Brain 1: the frontal lobes

The frontal lobes on the brain of human beings are always connected with abstract thought, reasoning, planning and self control.

Facts about Brain 2: the visual cortex

The visual cortex is the area in the cerebral cortex. The function is for the vision of human being.

Real Brain

Real Brain

Facts about Brain 3: what is the cerebral cortex?

The third layer of neutral tissue located at the surface of the brain is called is the cerebral cortex. The amount of surface on the brain is increased due to the folded way of the cerebral cortex. Therefore, the human being’s brain has larger volume.

Facts about Brain 4: the fold pattern

In most cases, human beings have similar pattern of folds even though the some variations also occur.



Facts about Brain 5: the division of the cortex

There are four divisions of cortex. Those are the occipital lobe, temporal lobe, parietal lobe and frontal lobe.

Facts about Brain 6: the cortical areas

The cortical areas can be found in each lobe of the brain.  They have a certain function for language, motor control and vision.

Facts about Brain

Facts about Brain

Facts about Brain 7: the right and left brain

If the right hemisphere of the brain is dominant, the visual spatial ability is higher on the person.  In general, most people have their right hemisphere playing a minor role, while the major role is played by the left hemisphere.

Facts about Brain 8: the damage and disease

The brain of human being is very prone to disease and damage even though it is protected by the hard skull. The variety of chemicals can poison the brain. Stroke, blow on the head and cancer can damage the brain. Find out another part of body in facts about bones.

Brain Cells Facts

Brain Cells Facts

Facts about Brain 9: the degenerative disorders

The degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases are associated with human brain. Get facts about brain cancer here.

Facts about Brain 10: psychiatric conditions

The human brain is also susceptible with some psychiatric conditions like depression and schizophrenia.

Human Brain

Human Brain

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