10 Facts about Brain Cancer

Thursday, August 20th 2015. | Medical

Facts about Brain Cancer talk about the disease which attacks the brain. The true brain cancer can only be found on the brain itself. This disease is very harmful to the life of human being.  The aggressiveness of the cancer is indicated from the grades of brain cancer. The doctor will inform the patient about the grade as well as the right treatment for it. Here are other facts about brain cancer:

Facts about Brain Cancer 1: the common symptoms of brain cancer

Let’s find out the common symptoms of brain cancers. Those include dizziness, weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting, seizures, blurry vision, and hallucination. Some patients also have changes related to personality, speech, memory, alertness and mental capacity.

Facts about Brain Cancer 2: the test

To find out whether a person has a brain cancer or not, a diagnostic test should be conducted. It may involve a MRI or CT scan on the brain, physical examination and medical history. In some cases, the doctors do a brain tissue biopsy.

Facts about Brain Cancer

Facts about Brain Cancer

Facts about Brain Cancer 3: the treatment

The doctors will decide the right type of treatments for the patients. Those include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery.

Facts about Brain Cancer 4: the growth of cancer

The brain cancer is caused by the growth of cancer cell on the brain.  It can interfere the function of the brain. The memory, muscle control and sensation will be interrupted when a person has a brain cancer.

Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer

Facts about Brain Cancer 5: the tumor

The malignant tumor is used to call the tumors made of cancer cells. The benign tumor is used to call the tumor made of noncancerous cells in the brain.

Facts about Brain Cancer 6: the primary brain tumor

If the tumor develops in the brain, it is called as the primary brain tumor which can develop into brain cancer. It is called as the secondary brain tumor or metastatic brain tumor if the cancer in the brain is from the other body parts. Get facts about bowel cancer here.

Brain Cancer Images

Brain Cancer Images

Facts about Brain Cancer 7: the report from the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society

Both American Cancer Society and national Cancer Institute state that there are 22,850 new cases of brain cancers found per year. The death rate is 15,320.

Facts about Brain Cancer 8: the grades

There are four grades of brain cancers.

Brain Cancer Facts

Brain Cancer Facts

Facts about Brain Cancer 9: grade I and Grade II

During the grade I, the brain tissue is benign. In Grade II, the tissue becomes malignant. Get facts about bone cancer here.

Facts about Brain Cancer 10: Grade IV

During the grade IV, the malignant tissue on the brain looks abnormal. It grows fast and interrupts the function of the brain.

Brain Cancer Picture

Brain Cancer Picture

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