10 Facts about Brain Cells

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Get the interesting information about Facts about Brain Cells in the below post. There are many cells which make up the brain. They are the glial cells and neurons.  The brain has around 100 billion neurons.  The function of the neuron is to send and receive the electro chemical signals in the nervous system and brain. Here are other facts to learn about brain cells:

Facts about Brain Cells 1: the function of glial cells

The neurons should be supported to perform their duties well.  The glial cells are available to do the support.

Facts about Brain Cells 2: the sizes of neurons

The sizes of neurons are various. You can find it in the diameter at .004 mm or 4 microns to .1 mm or 100 microns. The length of the neuron is various too. It can be in few feet or even an inch.

Brain Cells Picture

Brain Cells Picture

Facts about Brain Cells 3: the speed

The speed of neuron to transmit the nerve signals to the brain can reach 200 miles per hour.

Facts about Brain Cells 4: the parts of brain cells

There are several parts of brain cells. The soma is the cell body. The signal receiver is represented by the branching dendrites. An axon is the projection.

Real Brain

Real Brain

Facts about Brain Cells 5: the axon terminals

The electro-chemical signal is transmitted from the axon terminals across a synapse. The synapse is described as the gas located between the receiving cell and axon terminal.

Facts about Brain Cells 6: who coined the word neuron?

1891, Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried von Waldeyer-Hartz was the German scientist who coined the word neuron for the first time. Another word that he coined is chromosome. Find out facts about brain here.

Brain Cells Images

Brain Cells Images

Facts about Brain Cells 7: the function of the axon

Let’s find out the function of the axon. It is used to capture the information from the cell body of neuron. The axon is considered as the long extension of a nerve cell. The term nerve is used to call bundles of axons.

Facts about Brain Cells 8: Myelin

Myelin is composed of 20 to 30 percent protein and 70 to 80 percent fats or lipids. Schwann’s cells produce the myelin. Get facts about brain cancer here.

Facts about Brain Cells

Facts about Brain Cells

Facts about Brain Cells 9: the synapses

Can you guess the number of synapses that a neuron has? In general, it owns 1,000 to 10,000 synapses.

Facts about Brain Cells 10: types of neurons

Let’s find out the types of neurons. Those include Pseudopolare cells, multipolar neurons and bipolar neurons. Neuron is very unique. It is different from other cells in the body. The body cannot fix the neuron or grow it again if it is damaged.

Brain Cells

Brain Cells

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