10 Facts about Brain Injury

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Facts about Brain Injury tell you about the brain damage.  It is used to describe the degeneration and destruction of brain cells. There are many external and internal factors which cause the brain injury. Most cases of brain injuries are due to the presence of traumatic brain injury or TBI. It is caused by the outside sources such as head injury or physical trauma on the brain. Here are other interesting facts about brain injury for you:

Facts about Brain Injury 1: the acquire brain injury

The acquired brain injury is different from the traumatic brain injury. It is used to define the brain injuries which occur after the birth.

Facts about Brain Injury 2: the effect of brain injury

Brain is considered as one of the important parts of human being. The speech, thought and vision is controlled by the brain. When there is a brain injury, it can cause disability or impairment.

Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Facts about Brain Injury 3: the serious brain injury

The serious brain injury can lead into some problems such as intellectual disability, movement problem, speech problem, delusion, personality changes, and neurocognitive deficit. Check brain tumor facts here.

Facts about Brain Injury 4: coma or death

In the severe cases of brain injuries, people can experience coma. It can also lead into death if the injury is very severe.

Brain Injury Picture

Brain Injury Picture

Facts about Brain Injury 5: Korsakoff’s Psychosis

Korsakoff’s Psychosis is caused by brain injury. This condition makes the patient experience confabulations. The inability of the people to differentiate the real memory and daydream memory is used to describe confabulation. The injury can be caused by the traumatic brain injury, alcohol abuse, stroke and vitamin B deficiency.

Facts about Brain Injury 6: the common causes of brain injury

The common causes of brain injury include the poisoning teratogens, prolonged hypoxia, birth hypoxia, neurological illness and infection on the brain. Get facts about brain here.

Brain Injury Facts

Brain Injury Facts

Facts about Brain Injury 7: how to treat the brain injury

The healthcare professionals who will treat the patients with brain injury include the physicians, physiatrist, neurosurgeons and neurologist.

Facts about Brain Injury 8: the effect of brain injury

The rehabilitation strategy is established by the neuropsychologists for they understand the effect and severity of the brain injuries on the patients.

Brain Injuries

Facts about Brain Injury 9: the types of treatments

There are several types of treatment for brain injury. Those include physical implants, neuropsychological rehabilitation, medication, surgery, snoezelen and psychotherapy.

Facts about Brain Injury 10: undetectable damage

Sometimes, the impact of brain injury is not detectable after a child experiences a frontal brain injury. When the child grows into teen or adult, the impact is seen.

Facts about Brain Injury

Facts about Brain Injury

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