10 Facts about Brain Tumors

Thursday, August 20th 2015. | Medical

The abnormal cells which develop in the brain are explained in Facts about Brain Tumors. The benign tumors and malignant tumors are the two types of brain tumors. The malignant one is very dangerous for it is considered as the cancerous tumor. If the tumor starts from the brain, it is considered as the primary tumor. It is the secondary tumor if the tumor spreads from other body parts. Here is some useful information about brain tumors:

Facts about Brain Tumors 1: the symptoms

There are several symptoms to note for the people who have brain tumors.  The mental changes, vomiting, problem with vision, headache and seizures are considered as the common symptoms of brain tumor.

Facts about Brain Tumors 2: the headache

The patients with brain tumors always complain about the presence of severe headache in the morning. When they have vomiting, the headache usually disappears.

Brain Tumor Types

Brain Tumor Types

Facts about Brain Tumors 3: other specific problems caused by brain tumors

The difficulty for the people to speak, walk and enjoy sensation is the problem caused by brain tumors. The patient with severe brain tumor may experience unconsciousness.

Facts about Brain Tumors 4: what is the cause of brain tumor?

The scientists do not know the cause of brain tumor in most cases. However, the risk factors of having brain tumor are higher on the people who are exposed to ionizing radiation, Epstein-Barr virus and chemical vinyl chloride.

Facts about Brain

Facts about Brain

Facts about Brain Tumors 5: the mobile phone use

Some people believe that mobile phone use has something to do with brain tumor. However, the scientific evidence about it is not clear today. Find out brain cancer facts here.

Facts about Brain Tumors 6: the primary tumors

There are two common types of primary tumors which occur on people. Both are the astrocytomas and meningiomas.



Facts about Brain Tumors 7: brain tumors and children

Malignant medulloblastoma is considered as the common type of brain tumor experienced by children.

Facts about Brain Tumors 8: the diagnosis

The diagnosis of brain tumor is not easy to do. First, you have to follow the medical examination. Then you will have the magnetic resonance imaging. The biopsy is conducted to confirm the result.

Facts about Brain Tumors

Facts about Brain Tumors

Facts about Brain Tumors 9: the grades

There are several grades of severity which divides the brain tumor. The doctor will determine the grade of severity of the tumor after they have the finding. Get facts about brain cells here.

Facts about Brain Tumors 10: the treatment of brain tumor

The combination of treatment which includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy is needed to treat the brain tumor. To reduce the swelling around the brain tumor, dexamethasone and furosemide may be used. If the patient experiences seizure, the doctor will give the anticonvulsant medication.

Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor

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