10 Facts about Brandenburg Gate

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One of the famous landmarks in Germany is explained in Facts about Brandenburg Gate.  If you go to Germany, don’t forget to take a picture in front of this triumphal arch.   The location of this 18th neoclassic arch is in Berlin. The architectural building was used to mark the road from Berlin to Brandenburg. Here are other interesting Facts about Brandenburg Gate:

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 1: the location of Brandenburg Gate

Let’s find out the exact location of Brandenburg Gate.  You can find this amazing building in the city center of Berlin. It is on the western part.

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 2: the monumental entry

If you want to reach Unter den Linden, you will be welcomed by this Brandenburg Gate for it serves as the monumental entry.

Brandenburg Gate Pic

Brandenburg Gate Pic

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 3: a sign of peace

Brandenburg Gate is established as a sign of peace under the commission of King Frederick William II of Prussia.

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 4: the construction of Brandenburg Gate

In 1788 till 1791, Brandenburg Gate was constructed by Carl Gotthard Langhans. In 2000 till 2002, Brandenburg Gate was fully renovated because of the impact of World War II.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 5: the media coverage

The media coverage of Brandenburg Gate was very extensive in 1989 due to the tearing down of Berlin Wall. It still considered as the historical landmark in German and European history. It signified the symbol of peace and unity.

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 6: Friedrich Wilhelm II

Friedrich Wilhelm II commissioned the new gate to symbolize peace. Carl Gotthard Langhans was the designer of the new gate. There were 12 Doric columns on the gate.

Brandenburg Gate Picture

Brandenburg Gate Picture

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 7: the original name

The original name of Brandenburg gate is Peace Gate. In Germany, it was called Friedenstor. The design of the gate is made based on the gate of Acropolis in Athens called Propylaea. Eirene is the goddess of peace symbolized in the gate. Find out facts about Borobudur here.

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 8: the architectural style

If you check the architectural design of Brandenburg Gate in detail, it is the mixture of the Baroque and Neo Palladian style. The designer selected the Propylaea as his inspiration for it goes well with the architectural classicism in Germany.

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 9: Carl Gotthard von Langhans

Carl Gotthard von Langhans was the designer and architect of this gate. He called his magnificent work as the first Athens on the River Spree.

Facts about Brandenburg Gate 10: Johann Gottfried Schadow

Johann Gottfried Schadow is the creator of capital Quadriga’s sculpture. Get facts about Bolsover Castle here.

Brandenburg Gate Pic

Brandenburg Gate Pic

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