10 Facts about Branding

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Facts about Branding talk about a design, term, name or even symbol used to differentiate the seller’s products from other products in the market. Branding is very important to boost the business. It is also used for advertising and marketing. In the past, the livestock branding is very common. It was used to distinguish the cattle in the farm. Let’s find out more interesting facts about branding by checking the below post:

Facts about Branding 1: the motor vehicle

The brand of motor vehicles is called make or marquee. The Marque is needed when the car manufacturers want to make their cars specials.

Facts about Branding 2: the abstract concept

The abstract concept is used by the people to create the concept brand. The example can be seen on the environment movement or breast cancer awareness. It is not focused on the business, service or product.

Facts about Branding

Facts about Branding

Facts about Branding 3: the effective branding

To find out whether the branding of the products is effective or not, you have to check the impact. If the branding can trigger higher sale, your branding is effective. It usually can trigger more sales to the associated products. The customers will likely to try the other products offered by the companies.

Facts about Branding 4: the personality

The customers will be able to check the personality of the certain product from the branding. It will be used to identify the company, service or product.



Facts about Branding 5: the advertising theme

Branding is very important in the advertising. The brand of the product will demonstrate in the market to attract the prospective customers. Get Bonds facts here.

Facts about Branding 6: the elements of branding

There are several elements of branding such as logo, name, graphics, tagline, colors, tastes, scents, sounds, movements or even shapes.

Branding Facts

Branding Facts

Facts about Branding 7: the name

One of the important elements of branding is name. It is used to identify the concept, product, service and company.

Facts about Branding 8: the tastes

The tastes are included in branding element. If you are a fan of KFC, you know that it has the special recipe made of 11 herbs as its trademark.

Branding Image

Branding Image

Facts about Branding 9: the scent

The example of scent is seen on perfume products. The high class perfume Chanel No.5 is famous with it rose jasmine musk scent. Find out facts about banks here.

Facts about Branding 10: the graphics

If you check the Coca Cola brand, it uses the dynamic ribbon as the graphic trademark.   The bottle shape of Coca Cola is also different to make it special in the market.

Branding Pic

Branding Pic

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