10 Facts about Brasilia

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Let’s check the information about the federal capital in Brazil in Facts about Brasilia. The location of this city is on the center western region of Brazil. It sits on the Brazilian highland. Since this city serves as the capital, you can find the government of Federal district here. Find out the history, economy and interesting places to visit in Brasilia by reading the below post:

Facts about Brasilia 1: the establishment of Brasilia

On 21 April 1960, Brasilia was established. It serves as the capital of Brazil. In 2011, the city was the home of 2,556,149 people. At that time, it took the fourth place as the most populous city in the country.

Facts about Brasilia 2: the GDP

The highest GDP per capital in Latin American city is taken by Brasilia.  It has R$61,915 for the GDP.

Brasilia Pic

Brasilia Pic

Facts about Brasilia 3: Rio de Janeiro

In the past, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil. Then it was moved into the central location called Brasilia in 1956. Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer were the persons who developed and planned Brasilia. Roberto Burle Marx was the landscape architect.

Facts about Brasilia 4: the design of the city

Brasilia is divided in several sectors such as Embassy Sector, Banking Sector and Hotel Sectors. It also features several blocks.



Facts about Brasilia 5: the unique planning and layout

Brasilia is considered as a unique city because of its layout and planning. Moreover, it is also famous with the amazing modernist architecture. There is no need to wonder that Brasilia is included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Facts about Brasilia 6: the federal government

As I have stated before, the federal government is located in Brasilia.  The centers of the city have Supreme Court, President and Congress.

Brasilia Facts

Brasilia Facts

Facts about Brasilia 7: the embassy sectors

In the embassy sectors, you can find 124 foreign embassies. This capital city is very easy to access for it houses the Brasilia International Airport. The visitors can reach major cities in Brazil through this airport.

Facts about Brasilia 8: the festivals

“Festas juninas” is the major festival celebrated by the people in Brasilia in June. The festivals are used to celebrate the Catholic Saints like Saint Peter, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Anthony of Padua.

Facts about Brasilia

Facts about Brasilia

Facts about Brasilia 9: other events

Other events celebrated by the people in Brasilia include New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Independence Day parade.

Facts about Brasilia 10: The Cathedral of Brasília

The interesting landmark in Brasilia is The Cathedral of Brasília. The building is very unique for the glass roof is like reaching the heaven. It was made by Oscar Niemeyer.

Brasilia Picture

Brasilia Picture

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