10 Facts about Brass Instruments

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If you like to learn about musical instrument, you have to check Facts about Brass Instruments. This brass instrument is also called as labrosones. It means the lip vibrated instruments. The musician can change the vibrant length of tubing by accessing the valves, slides, keys or crooks. Therefore, the different pitches in the brass instrument can be produced. Here are other facts about brass instruments:

Facts about Brass Instruments 1: the definition

The brass instrument has broad definition.  The instrument is not always made of brass even though it is called brass instrument. The definition of the instrument is seen on the way the sound produced.

Facts about Brass Instruments 2: the wooden instrument

The wooden instruments such as the cornett, didgeridoo, serpent and alphorn are included as brass instrument.

Facts about Brass Instruments

Facts about Brass Instruments

Facts about Brass Instruments 3: the families of modern brass instruments

There are two families of modern brass instruments. A set of valves is used in the valved brass instruments. The player’s fingers will operate the instrument.

Facts about Brass Instruments 4: the valved brass instruments

The examples of the valved brass instruments include tuba, euphonium, horn, sousaphone, saxhorn, cellophane, baritone horn, flugelhorn, cornet and trumpet.

Brass Instrument

Brass Instrument

Facts about Brass Instruments 5: the natural brass instrument

If you only want to use the instrument to play the harmonic series of the notes, you can use the natural brass instruments. The examples of the instruments include horn and trumpet.

Facts about Brass Instruments 6: the invention of horn and trumpet

The horn was invented before 1820. The trumpet is older than the horn for it was invented in 1795.

Brass Instrument Image

Brass Instrument Image

Facts about Brass Instruments 7: the usage of natural brass instruments

The natural brass instruments are still played by many musicians today. You can spot them in ceremonial occasion or even period performances. Find out facts about Bollywood Music here.

Facts about Brass Instruments 8: the fingered or keyed brass instrument

If you compare the valved brass instruments with the keyed brass instruments, the latter ones are more difficult to play. The operation of the instruments is similar with the woodwind instruments. The examples of the fingered brass instruments include keyed bugle, ophicleide, cornett, keyed trumpet, and serpent.

 Brass Instrument Pic

Brass Instrument Pic

Facts about Brass Instruments 9: the material

The primary material to create the instrument is made of brass.  It will be polished and lacquered to avoid any corrosion on its surface. Get facts about Bongo Drums here.

Facts about Brass Instruments 10: the high quality of brass instruments

If you are a musician and you want to get the high quality brass instrument, you can pick the one covered with silver or gold plating. Even though they are more expensive, they can last longer.

Brass Instrument Image

Brass Instrument Image

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